Connie Conway is Sworn in to Congress

Connie Conway used her dad’s bible in the swearing in ceremony. Picture courtesy of Vicki Riddle

Former Assemblywoman Connie Conway from Tulare was sworn into Congress to finish out Rep. Devin Nunes term Tuesday, June 14  2022, by House Leader Nancy Pelosi. Conway’s term ends January 3, 2023.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement.

“Rep. Conway has extensive ties to the community she now represents in Congress, previously serving many of her constituents on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors and in the California State Assembly. During her time in the Assembly, Rep. Conway was elected by her Republican colleagues as their Republican Leader.

“In August 2019, she was appointed by President Trump to be the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency’s California Executive Director. There, Rep. Conway was instrumental in delivering resources for California’s farmers and ranchers.

“Upon her swearing-in, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement:

‘As the Assembly Republican Leader, Connie has a demonstrable record of fighting for her constituents and standing up to Sacramento’s Democrat-led government overreach. Here in Congress, she will be a stalwart defender against the radical policies pushed by House Democrats and President Biden’s administration. Congresswoman Conway, with her experience at the USDA, will be a critical partner in championing the Central Valley’s way of life, and I look forward to working with her on the issues impacting our districts and the American people.'”


4 thoughts on “Connie Conway is Sworn in to Congress

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  1. Quote: “Here in Congress, she will be a stalwart defender against the radical policies pushed by House Democrats and President Biden’s administration.” Mini Leader McCarthy has given Conway her orders……more obstruction, more division, and no thoughts of governing by reaching and working across the aisle for consensus building. Will she follow McCarthy’s lead in using her position supporting the continuation of the GOP lead insurrection against democracy? Will she stand strong by her oath of office to protect the constitution and the country against all enemies both foreign and “domestic”, and put country before party? It won’t take long to find out. I hope she makes California proud……. I hope.

  2. Well Ms. Conway, as congress is poised to give certain chosen tax payers, (licensed drivers,) a tax break, what about those of us who can’t drive? Does inflation not effect us also? (Or is gasoline the only commodity effected by ingflation?

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