Valley Voice, area news outlets honored in California Journalism Awards

The Valley Voice was recognized with two awards in this year’s California Journalism Awards, which judged the Voice against similarly-sized California News Publishers Association members.

Catherine Doe, the Voice’s publisher, received both awards. The Voice’s entries were judged in the digital category for outlets with 100,000 or less monthly unique visitors.

Doe received second place in ‘Coverage of Newsom Recall Election’ for the article “Tulare County’s republicans react to recall,” and fifth place in ‘In-Depth Reporting’ for her “Tulare Public Cemetery District turmoil” series, which included reporting on a double disinterment, the firing of former Tulare Public Cemetery District manager Leonor Castaneda, the cancellation of the cemetery district’s insurance policy, and a police report that claimed cemetery district moved bodies without permission.

The contest judge praised Doe’s reporting on the Tulare Public Cemetery District.

“The horror abounds! What an awful but necessary series to report on and follow. Closure must be given to families and justice must be given appropriately,” the judges’ remarks read. “Great job staying on top of this story and covering the necessary details.”

“2021 was a difficult slog to get through without our late editor,” said Doe, “especially for me, but I’m proud of our team and our consistent high quality reporting of some of the concerns in our area that get missed by the larger newspapers.”

Other area publications were also honored in the awards: 

  • The Sun-Gazette’s publisher, Reggie Ellis, received three awards: two for weeklies with a circulation of 4,301-11,000, including a first place award in ‘Coverage of Youth and Education’ for “VUSD takes control away from charter school,” and an award in agricultural reporting for weeklies with a circulation of up to 11,000. The paper’s editor, Paul Myers, received two awards for weeklies with a circulation of 4,301-11,000.(This article was updated to correctly identify the Sun-Gazette’s award winners.)
  • the Visalia Times-Delta won nine awards for printed dailies with a circulation of 15,000 or less
  • the Hanford Sentinel was awarded second place in ‘Enterprise News Story or Series’ among printed dailies with a circulation of 15,000 or less for Donald Promnitz’ “Valley fever: flying under the radar” series
  • Fresno’s GV Wire received four awards for digital publications with 100,001-400,000 monthly unique visitors
  • The Collegian, the student newspaper at Fresno State, won seven awards among four-year universities
  • the Bakersfield Californian was awarded General Excellence and seven other awards for printed dailies in the 15,000-50,000 circulation range

10 thoughts on “Valley Voice, area news outlets honored in California Journalism Awards

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  1. I am so proud of you, Catherine! Our area needs your kind of reporting skills.

  2. For covering a worthless Recall. And the cemetery series was half your stories for that award year lol

  3. To clarify the previous comment: Out of the eight awards the Valley Voice won last year, one was for my late husband’s column, Dave’s reporting on the Tulare City Council election, Martin’s reporting on BLM and the nursing home tragedy under COVID, and my reporting on the Sierra View election and the Alta Irrigation District election. Only two of the awards concerned the Tulare Cemetery.

    I’m so touched though how Chad has bestowed on me the same grace I have shown him.

    • That’s Chad, he doesn’t like anything or anyone! The Valley Voice is a wonderfully informative news site thanks to you and your entire staff. And thanks to the Valley Voice for publishing the many, many articles written by so many others in our surrounding communities…… yes that includes Chad’s too! But alas no grace has he though, not one thank you to the Valley Voice has he “voiced”. Congratulations Catherine and the Valley Voice. These awards are well earned. You guys do good!!! 🙂

      • That’s Barbara a typical moron who speaks in absolutes. You don’t even know me. Because I like Diane Sharp, Keith Fagundes and Joe Biden. Keep assuming. Keep stereotyping you Bigot Karen!

  4. Catherine, Thank you for presenting the many points of views in our community through solid reporting.

    My hope this year is that we all return to respect and civility toward each other, so that our community spirit might recover along with our economy. We have so many challenges that are out of our control, however, each one of us can choose to eliminate malevolence.

  5. Congratulations Catherine, Dave and the VV team! Well-deserved recognition. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since you and Joseph took the reins. Keep fighting that good fight. The Valley wouldn’t be the same without its Voice…

  6. Congratulations Catherine & Staff with the journalism awards that you deserve. Keep up the good work.

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