Hacker beats Fagundes in fundraising five to one

If money is the mother’s milk of politics, Sarah Hacker’s campaign for district attorney has abundant resources out fundraising incumbent Keith Fagundes by nearly five-to-one, according to campaign reports required by the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Whether money alone will be enough to unseat the two-term district attorney is indeterminable at this point. The race is heated with both sides trading charges and abundant political buzz around the county.

Hacker, a former deputy DA and private attorney with the Dias Law Firm in Hanford, listed fundraising of $77,459.97 during the January 1 to April 28, 2022 reporting period, according to her California Form 460.

This compares to Fagundes fundraising of $15,000 in the same period, according to his California Form 460.

Hacker has spent $25,443.66 compared to $29,353.53 for Fagundes, according to the 460s for each candidate. Hacker’s campaign balance is $52,013.31 while Fagundes’ is $21,176.71, according to the 460s.

Notable contributors to Hacker’s campaign include $10,840 total from persons associated with the Dias law firm, two $500 contributions from Kings County Sheriff David Robinson who has endorsed Hacker, $1,000 from Robert Waggle who is suing the county claiming sexual and other forms of harassment by Fagundes, $5,000 from Shirley Hacker, $5000 from Jacob Hower, Simon Hower Inc. Real Estate Appraisal, $100 from Kristine Spikes, $500 from former deputy DA and local defense attorney Carlos Navarrete as well as a $10,000 contribution from the Corporate America Lending Inc., $3,000 from Milk Flow Dairy and $2,500 from Toor Farming, $1,000 from Tal Cloud of Sanger, according to the report.

​Fagundes received a $10,000 contribution from the California Correctional Peace Officers Association which also endorsed him, according to the 460s and Fagundes campaign literature. Fagundes also received $1000 from Anthony Azevedo, farmer, $1,000 from Labert Transfer and Storage in Lemoore and $1,000 from Jim Van Nort, according to his 460 report.

The candidates’ fates will be decided in a June 7 primary.

46 thoughts on “Hacker beats Fagundes in fundraising five to one

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  1. What is up with the push for Hacker from Valley Voice? This is probably the only article that will state fundraising totals for candidates. Mark is pathetic for focusing on this. Votes matter, not the fundraising total. She needed a lot more to start because she had to buy all new signs. So she got over ten thousand from her attorney friends and 5000 from a family member. She is going to lose the campaign with over ten thousand left over lol. Ballots have already been turned in

  2. Seriously, why are you so obsessed with the DA race. Are you concerned about who gets credit for locking you up again. Let it go man….vote for your choice, everyone else will vote for Hacker, and everyone will be happy.

    • The question is why is Valley Voice so obsessed with Hacker and this race? I live in Kings County. What county do you live in? Go ahead and name call. It’s called concerned not obsessed. What does locked up mean? You mean how the Kings County Sheriff illegally charged me and committed false imprisonment. You are probably the same people that praise the cops for keeping US citizen in jail for weeks even when proven they weren’t in the area. You are a real piece of work. You sad CLOSET CASE LOL


    • Chad just really likes pineapple juice.

      Did he get invited to the masturbatorium?

      • What’s your name coward? It’s funny you actually think you are clever like when Trumpers yell Let’s Go Biden like Trump didn’t lose lol. So you are saying you hate gays?

        • Not anti-gay at all but genuinely curious why Chad (you??) is going in so deep for the DA that will hopefully force him to get help!

          If the reports are true that he damaged the doors of the county office anyways!

          A famous poster said it best…

          “When the patient lashes out against “them” – THORAZINE quickly puts and end to his violent outburst”

  3. Chad sounds like an angry person. Typical Fagundes supporter bashing everyone he can. So lame. I think he needs another tour of the Pineapple Factory by leader Fagundes.

    • How does one sound over the internet? Typical pure hating hypocrite. Piggy backs on all other comments. Doesn’t even have original content. You literally typed a sentence only stating So lame. So childish typing incomplete sentences. And you aren’t even trying to be that mean. You aren’t intelligent to think of anything good to say about Hacker. Being a civil attorney doesn’t transfer over to criminal law.

      • You sound frustrated and mean too. Ya’ll need a Pineapple smoothie. So lame.

      • Hacker worked for the Kings County District Attorney’s office for like 8 years or something, and still practices criminal defense, which is criminal law. Fagundes tried to go civil once and it was apparently not a success. The fact that Hacker has been successful everywhere she has been speaks volumes to her legal credentials. Plus if Fagundes understood civil law he would understand that you can not prey on your employees or sexually harass them with over 5,000 text messages. Then retaliate when they aren’t into it. that’s day one civil lawyering.

    • Look who thinks how smart they are. Who is Dole Pineapple if your so smart!? Thanks for showing how pathetic you are by being obsessed with me. What your phone number coward? I’ll prove your a coward that is too scared to talk to another adult. Valley Voice promotes and forum where anonymous people are praised and people.

      • I really don’t know who dole pineapple is, as you may have noticed, I’m only speaking for myself. smart is relative. “look who thinks how smart they are.” is a pretty stupid sentence. It also isn’t clever or obsessive to look at the matching commentator IDs. Its literally right there, and there is a blurb at the bottom of the articles stating to check posting IDs. I suppose the irony that you have been calling other people keyboard warriors and crating myriad of fake identities to hide behind and support you is lost on you. Regardless of that, you want my phone number and call me a coward. I’m not really sure what your trying to accomplish. is that a threat? Why would I be afraid to talk to you? It seems like your implying that this conflict will result in harm to me, or I should reasonably believe that harm will result from this. funny how you can carry on like this and represent that you think such aggressive criminal behavior qualifies you to give an opinion on the county prosecutor. Of course you would want Keith, who will let you get away with threatening, psychotic behavior. Your endorsement of Fagundes speaks volumes on why he is the wrong guy in office. birds of a feather.

        • Because I am attacked first by an individual who doesn’t reply to the context at all. Funny you say you only speak for yourself but you want to single me out. Why doesn’t you call out others with usernames that insult people and actually use CITIZENS names. You expect someone to sit around while they get bashed. Why don’t you call out Valley Voice for not having a report option but what to call me out SPECIFICALLY BY NAME!? If you are so smart does the ID go by device or IP address? Because multiple people use the same IP ADDRESS. SARAH WILL LOSE BECAUSE LACK OF EXPERIENCE! Is that how you determine your vote, the endorsement of others and not experience. That sounds dumb to me. Do you live in Kings County? I bet I actually have a vote and you don’t.

          • I called you out because you have a bad opinion. I then realized you were posting under multiple different names, which you seemingly acknowledged. considering your context of “keyboard warrior” insults, its hypocritical. Plus calling people cowards and getting mad that you got “singled out” is a really psychotic decision.

            You seem to have a lot of angst. I’m going to bet its textbook small-man syndrome. I am going to guess your about 5’7″ and 150 lbs soaking wet.

            secondly, valley voice is a media news organization, they don’t have any duty to address your individual political opinions or address your terms of service. I have no interest in your beef with them, its likely based on your poor understanding of the first amendment.

            Lastly, Sarah has plenty of experience which has been addressed in previous posts. This is one of the reasons she has such a large fundraising effort, which is the point of this article your droning on about. What Fagundes has is experience abusing his employees illegally and a host of allegations cutting deals for influential families with criminal children, all for political capital.

  4. Don’t worry I will be suing Valley Voice for keeping up discriminatory comments that I have screenshots of being left up for days. Also for allowing a comment section with anonymous postings and not accountability except for removing comments from people they think comment too much. Where are the rules? So rules don’t matter to Catherine Doe? I guess Catherine thinks of herself as a god on this website. Mark Zuckerberg had to answer to congress in person for corrupt moves like this and was fined heavily. My comments were removed in the past yet Catherine Doe won’t remove post that attack others and don’t even address the article. Do better Catherine

  5. So because someone uses the same IP address TD thinks they are the same person? How does the same ID pop up on different devices used by different people? Quite convenient. Time to sue. Wonder if Catherine’s lawyer friend will defend her for free lol

  6. Will Dias Law Firm defend Valley Voice for free after they kept Fagundes bashing articles up in the headlines way after other post were newer. I see how this works. Catherine scratches her back and Dias Law Firm scratched her. Have you noticed all the civil attorneys that are friends of Valley Voice. Real classy circle. Must be real friendly with some because when I tried to get ahold of one of them they never answered the phone. Only got a call back after a week and when I was told I would get another call back I never did. Couldn’t even set up a consultation that I was willing to pay for

  7. JD you are probably fat like Trump lol. Doesn’t call anyone out except me! JD YOU AREN’T A COWARD YOU ARE A CLOSET CASE STALKER! So you hate me because I have a different opinion than you? You seem mentally retarded. You probably should get a care taker. Must be a hard life to be fat and mentally retarded. You think being skinny is an insult? You are trying act like being unhealthy is a good thing. You must have an IQ of a child. How many murder trials has Hacker tried!? Being a civil lawyer for the last 7 years doesn’t make one qualified to be a DA! You didn’t address it properly. And VALLEY VOICE IS A BUSINESS! ITS NOT AN ORGANIZATION LOL. JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE. Why is .com and not .org. think before you post

  8. JD this is copy and paste from website. The Valley Voice is your local newspaper, published by The Valley Voice, LLC. LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY! ITS A BUSINESS NOT AN ORGANIZATION! THANKS FOR PROVING EVERYONE YOU ARE WRONG!

    • I’m not insulting you for being skinny chad, I accused you of having small-man syndrome. In other words, that because you are small in stature you attempt to overcompensate for that by being loud, boisterous, and confrontational.

      Again, Sarah Hacker was a prosecutor in Kings County for 8 years. This is a lot of experience. I am not sure how you keep glossing over that.

      Also the reason that you were singled out, is because when you were addressed initially, you were the only person posting (Albeit through different fictitious names) opinions that I personally disagreed with.

      Finally, calling something an organization, doesn’t affect its status as a business. this is why things are referred to as “Business Organizations”. You are free to personally disparage my intelligence all you want, but the fact that you are not aware that an LLC is an organization, (that it is a business structure that is “organized” in a particular way) probably means that you are not highly educated. Calling an LLC an organization is accurate. I believe your confusing “organization” with “non profit organization”. I am not sure what “case stalker” means in tweaker lingo. Can you elaborate?

      • That is an insult. You can’t act like it’s an actual diagnosis. Why didn’t you ask Dole Pineapple their name? Why do you give them a free pass. You didn’t reply to them at all.

        There is a difference between a business and an organization. It’s privately owned business. There are also corporations and co-ops but not organizations. FFA is an official organization and not a non profit. There is a difference between a company and an organization. Valley Voice is a news media company. You are wrong about it being an organization.

        Hacker WAS a prosecutor 7 years ago. And you conveniently didn’t answer the other question. How many murder trials has she tried?

        • its an insult, yes. Its just not the insult you were referring too.

          I am not obligated to address anyone. I agree with Dole Pineapple.

          Again, a corporation, LLC, LLP, etc. are all organizations. I understand that this is hard for you to grasp, but if you go to the secretary of state, you can see it asks you to specify what type of business organization you are referring too.

          I honestly do not know how many murder trials she been a part of. What I am aware of, is that Sarah was a well respected prosecutor in Kings County, she is free from any scandals, and she is tough on crime. She also has the fortunate nature of not making predatory sexual advances on her direct employees. Something Fagundes cannot claim.

          I want to ask you a very simple question. Why are you, Chad, so passionate about Keith Fagundes. District attorney races are usually not this important unless there is a problem with an incumbent. This really means something to you, and i would genuinely like to know what that something is.

      • A company can be apart of an organization but it’s still it’s own company and labeled as a such
        Our Valley Voice is a privately owned company

        • Ya, jd is right. Businesses of all types are organizations. Ffa is a 501(c)(3) federally chartered corporation. Chad is a dumb crackhead who got busted for all kinds of stuff. He tried to bust into the government center. It’s all over the news. Felons can vote so idk what he’s on about.

          • Oh yah. What was I convicted of? You know my life story clearly don’t you stalker. And yet you won’t post a real name. How convenient. Birds of a feather flock together.

          • National FFA Organization is an American 501 youth organization.
            It does have non profit status for tax exemptions.

        • 501(c)(3)=federal tax exempt for non profit status.

          Chad =dumb

          • Doesn’t make it a company lol. It’s not a chartered corporation. You are wrong

          • FFA is the premier youth organization.
            Corporations have shareholders. There is no FFA stock lol

      • LLC literally means privately owned. Corporation means there are shareholders. Valley Voice is privately owned. You can find the definition by googling it

  9. FFA is an intracurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership.
    FFA is a dynamic youth organization.
    Directly from the National FFA organization website.

  10. I just verified ffa is a federally charted corporation with 503(c)(3) non profit status.

    I also verified that you are a crackhead who tried to break into the government building.

    It’s not really any wonder why you want papa fagundes in charge so he can give you the daiquiri of forgiveness. I bet those acquittals are sweet, tropical, and a little bit sticky eh chad?

    • Verified? By what website?
      How can I try and break into a County building open to public during business hours lol.
      How could you verify someone is a crackhead? I smoke cannabis. I love cannabis. Everyone sees your pathetic insults and can easy see through your lies. You are making a full of Hacker by undermining the voters intelligence in Kings County. You are acting like Trump thinking citizens are dumb and will feed into your lies. You think anyone will take you serious with your fake screen name? You are actually insulting all Kings County voters by thinking they aren’t intelligent to see through your lies. I can see that you aren’t happy with yourself so you lash out on me. You’re probably under a lot of doctor prescribed mental health medication. According to you all Kings County citizens are criminals. You should read the about us section on the FFA website. Learn to read. Learn what a legit source is

  11. 36 USC chapter 709-future farmers of America.

    It’s in the federal code. A federally chartered corporation. You can’t get a more reliable source numbnuts.

    • Just because you type federal code doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s not a federally recognized CORPORATION! You are wrong and proved yourself dumb. The FFA is not a corporation. Ask any executive officer of the FFA. Corporations have shareholders! There are no shares of FFA stock lol. Keep posting your comments with disgusting sexual suggestions. Shows the real class of Hacker supporters

  12. Anyone know how many homicide jury trials Fagundes has actually litigated? I bet it’s like one. I see comments about hacker not litigating more than 1 murder trial. But I haven’t heard that Fagundes has done more! If he had multiple under his belt you better believe he’d be tooting his horn!!!!!

    • Ask him yourself! He answers his phone. I would bet my car it’s way more than one. He has been DA for over ten years lol. He has rooted his horn at the debate. Did you not go? The debate was on Facebook. Funny you can’t answer the question because you have nothing to build up Hacker with. You only can bash Fagundes. ONE! That is how many murder trials she tried! ONE! HACKER IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE KINGS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY!!

  13. I didn’t imply anything JD! I have no real personal relationship with Fagundes. I only talked to him on the phone starting this year of 2022. I was never convicted because a judge refused to even hear the case. I’ll imply my first you your face you keep lying. Let’s hash this out on a real phone conversation. I know Fagundes answers his cellphone because I called him randomly from getting his number on a website that he post! Fagundes gives out his cellphone. That’s how I know he answers. I talked to him and he had no idea what my phone number is. Sarah is going to lose because we Kings County citizens know the lack of experience you have. Tulare county is full of a bunch of trolls and I know can’t vote in this election lol

  14. JD Mondragon is paid troll that doesn’t live in Tulare or Kings County! Look at the SPAM on Valley Voice comments because Catherine doesn’t know how to control here company website. Doesn’t matter because you all don’t like in Kings County! I know this! My vote matters and Hacker will loss because she is an inexperienced hack! Dias law firm isn’t respected in Hanford because it’s not only just a civil law firm. It’s a trash civil law firm. Sarah had no passion at the debate. She looks like a zombie!! I think she is on some major depressants. I would love to see the prescription pills she takes. Probably pops Xanax like Tic Tacs!

  15. wow, theres alot to unpack here…

    first, a judge likely did not opt to drop charges for that. I think its more likely that Keith dropped the charges because your related to John Draxler, the former mayor. That would explain your personal connection. Also its odd that you called Keith personally, i have never heard of any lowlife just calling up a District Attorney for fun. Your story is falling apart.

    also we need to adress the comment.
    “I’ll imply my first you your face you keep lying” if your going to threaten me, can you proof read it so that it makes sense. “my first” was just confusing. I am assuming you meant your “fist”. I think you would get your point across better if you slowed down and took your time to make sure it makes sense. Also, I don’t think someone who still needs a booster seat should be threatening anyone with violence.

    also you keep making the claim that people don’t live in kings county, (at least I think that’s what you mean, you misspelled that too). No one else is dumb enough to share their personal information with psychotic criminals like you. You have no idea who I am. To make a claim that I’m invested in a District Attorney race in a county where I don’t live doesn’t make any sense. I am passionately behind Sarah because I don’t to see people get away with things because they have political relatives. I don’t want to see women preyed upon by the district attorney for political points, and I don’t think a sexual deviant who abuses his employees is a good choice for office.

    I would also like to point out that you keep tweaker hours, and your mugshot has pockmarks which is indicative of heavy stimulant use. perhaps you need a Xanax.


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