Former Mayor of Lemoore and Editor of The Lemoore Leader, Ed Martin Endorses Nicole Parra

Former California State Assembly Member Nicole Parra wants to continue giving to the voters in the 16th Senate District, just as she gave when she served as a California State Assemblymember for three terms – before term limits ended what had become a productive tenure.

She’s itching to return to the arena and is working overtime to see that she succeeds in her latest endeavor.

Indeed, the driven former assemblyperson, legislative aid, and confirmed workaholic, Parra, is seeking to return to the world of politics as she battles for the 16th Senate District which of course includes the voting populace of Kings County.

Parra, after her earlier three successful terms in the Assembly, continued her community service as a 2009 appointee of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appointed the talented former legislator to serve as his Director of Regional Development Initiatives for the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency. Quite a mouthful, and quite a job.

Parra worked closely with the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency (BTH) to lead an effort to prepare a San Joaquin Valley Partnership Economic Recovery joining the effort to see that the Central Valley maximizes the influx of Federal Stimulus dollars and taking on the key role in preparing a plan with over 2,500 projects for BTH review and consideration.

While her legislative efforts can fill volumes, her efforts always struck close to home. During her tenure in the Assembly, she introduced numerous pieces of legislation to assist the Lemoore Naval Air Station, the National Guard, and veterans.

And in 2003, while in the California State Assembly, Parra introduced legislation encouraging the United States Navy to select Lemoore Naval Air Station as the Navy’s West Coast Operations Center to house the Joint Strike Fighter.

Her efforts to improve life in the San Joaquin Valley for military families were generous indeed.

She got her early training by spending a decade working for the popular former U.S. Congressman Cal Dooley. She spent six years as a legislative aide, and then four years as Dooley’s district director where she served in Kings County.

It was at about this point that the editor of this newspaper met Parra for the first time. She had volunteered to assist Lemoore High School with its inaugural Senior Exit Interviews, a program that continues to this day.
I later met her on the campaign trail in 2002 where we both vied for California’s 30th Assembly District seat. Parra easily won that first foray into elective politics.

As she traverses her expansive district, the personable Parra has racked up a number of key endorsements, including local law enforcement officials, including Kings County Sheriff David Robinson, Corcoran Police Chief Reuben Shortnacy, and the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, and up to 125 bipartisan elected and community leaders in the San Joaquin Valley.

This editor encourages all readers to learn more about Nicole Parra as she seeks a return to the public arena. She is a woman of the Valley, and her goal is to improve the lives of the millions who live and work here. She deserves another opportunity to serve her community.

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