Exeter Public Cemetery District Needs Your Support for Measure U

A press release from the Exeter Cemetery District Board

For over 100 years, Exeter and our surrounding communities have been served by the cemeteries of the Exeter Public Cemetery District. In times of need, the families of Exeter, Farmersville, Lemon Cove, Lindcove, Outside Creek, Yokohl Valley, and surrounding areas have turned to the Exeter District Cemetery, Deep Creek Cemetery, and Hamilton Cemetery as the final resting places for their loved ones.

Today, our cemeteries are facing unprecedented financial challenges. Without additional revenue, the cemeteries may have to close permanently. If that happens, our communities will lose a big piece of our history and our families will lose a local, cost-effective way to respectfully lay their loved ones to rest.

Because of declining and now insufficient revenues, over the past 10 years our District has been forced to lay off staff, reduce maintenance and upkeep of the cemeteries, defer purchase of new equipment needed for replacement of worn-out and obsolete equipment, and reduce expenses to the bare minimum.

To help make up for these deficiencies, the District’s Board of Trustees is asking local voters to approve a special parcel tax of $35 per parcel per year on each of the approximately 8,000 parcels within the District. These new funds, estimated to net $270,000 per year, would be used to improve landscaping and maintenance of the District’s three cemeteries, improve accessibility and safety, replace worn-out equipment, upgrade facilities, drill a new water well at Deep Creek, develop new gravesites, and improve services for local families. Under State law, the District will only use the new funds for these purposes. The Board of Trustees also will appoint a Community Advisory Oversight Committee to review the District’s expenditure of the new funds and make an annual report to the public and the Board to help ensure that the proceeds are expended only for their authorized purposes.

Please join us in supporting our cemeteries by voting yes on this measure!



3 thoughts on “Exeter Public Cemetery District Needs Your Support for Measure U

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  1. You don’t even care for the Deep Creek in Farmersville Ca. Just go look at it. Shameful and now that tree that fell will stay where it landed

    • Perhaps your visit to a board meeting may help to answer your question. Ask about the long range plans for the cemetery. Possibly you may be able to assist and help .

  2. The thing that bothers me about the lack of funds to operate these cemeteries is what happened to the Endowment Care Funds? What does the annual audit of the Exeter Cemetery District reflect? Don’t they earn interest on these funds? How much? There leaves a lot of questions unanswered. I would be ashamed to lay claim to Deep Creek Cemetery and they blame it on the lack of a operating well. I’m sure there is a farmer in the immediate area that will sell them water just to maintain Deep Creek Cemetery. Out of sight out of mind until it’s mentioned! Then you look at Exeter Cemetery it is pristine. I’m sure you could find students at the local high school that need credits for community service that would be willing to put in a few hours of work just to clean Deep Creek Cemetery up and make it more presentable. Shame on the Director and the Board for not looking at these places they are in charge of. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Tulare County. What a shame the Board of Supervisors don’t take pride in the history of Tulare County! Yes, Larry Macari this is in your backyard! Take it for what it’s worth. There needs to be some accountability before I’d vote on Measure U. This is your final resting place! Is there no respect?

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