College of the Sequoias receives honors from Campaign for College Opportunity

The Campaign for College Opportunity is proud to announce that the following California Community Colleges have been honored in its inaugural 2022 Excellence in Placement Awards.

These colleges have championed student success by implementing equitable course placement practices that give community college students the opportunity to take college-level courses with the support they need to pass them as outlined in landmark legislation, AB 705.

Together, the honoree campuses are transforming the college experience for California students, particularly thousands of Black and Latinx students now well on their way to a college degree.

Locally, College of the Sequoias was recognized for:

Equity Distinction: Black Transfer-Level English Enrollment
In supporting Black student enrollment in transfer-level English, we commend the following colleges, successfully supporting 100% of their Black students to enroll directly into transfer level English coursework.

Equity Distinction: Black Transfer-Level Math Enrollment
In ensuring Black student enrollment in math, we congratulate the following colleges. These colleges successfully supported 100% of their Black students to enroll directly into transfer-level Math coursework.

Equity Distinction: Black Transfer-Level Math Throughput
We commend the following campuses with distinction in transfer-level math throughput for Black students. These colleges successfully supported at least 60% of their Black students who enrolled in a transfer-level Math course to successfully complete it within 1 year of their initial enrollment.

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