Gubernatorial Candidate Jenny Rae Le Roux to speak at Hanford Gun Center

Jenny Rae Le Roux, Republican candidate for California Governor, is eager to let Californians know that the problems we face can be solved. On Saturday, April 30, Le Roux will be at the Kings Gun Center at 426 Park Avenue, Hanford from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Le Roux is visiting Kings County for a fundraising event and to share her plan for the future of water in California.

Le Roux, an executive and entrepreneur with a family farm in northern California, believes water shortages can be reversed: Water shortages limit what is possible in California. California’s water supply issues are the result of mismanagement first, and under-investment in storage and conveyance infrastructure second. I will fix both.”

Le Roux has been endorsed by former California Congressman and gubernatorial candidate, Doug Ose. Ose represented California’s third congressional district – the area surrounding Sacramento – from 1999 to 2005, winning re-election twice before retiring.

Ose explained his support for Le Roux: “I have a deep love for California. We need someone bold who leads with conviction to fight for the state I call home and put an end to Newsom’s current reign of corruption and hypocrisy. I’ve stood alongside Jenny Rae Le Roux on many debate stages, so I know that Jenny Rae has the intellect and the temperament to cut through the challenges of Sacramento and make real progress on the problems driving people from this state.”

Le Roux expressed her gratitude for Ose’s endorsement: “Doug knows what it takes to win elections in California and what it takes to solve California problems. I’m honored he believes I can end an era of mismanagement in California and shake up the status quo in Sacramento.”

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