Kings County District Attorney Fagundes receives all Hanford public safety endorsements

A press release from Kings County District Attorney Keith Fagundes

The Committee to Elect Keith Fagundes for another term as Kings County District Attorney has announced that DA Fagundes has swept the endorsements of all Hanford’s Public Safety Associations.

After both candidates presented their ability and skill to each group noted below, there is overwhelming support to keep the progress going that the Kings County District Attorney team has demonstrated. The following groups encompass hundreds of members and speak for those committed to Public Safety in our community:

  • Hanford Police Officers Association Calif.
  • Correctional Peace Officers Association
  • Kings County Prosecutor’s Association
  • Hanford Firefighters Association
  • Kings County Republican Party

Fagundes said “I am humbled and honored to have the support and endorsements of our most committed public servants!”

“Our DA team has worked hard to eliminate the backlog left behind by the Hacker/Strickland regime, and we have hired well-qualified staff who know the value of hard work and commitment,” DA Fagundes said. “There are too many accomplishments on which to comment; however, I am especially proud of the following:

  1. We created and successfully implemented the District Attorney K-9 program that includes narcotics detection, victim therapy, and interview K-9’s.
  2. We have brought in more than $28 million dollars in earned grant money to supplement the General funding from our County Budget.
  3. We eliminated the 3900 case backlog left by the prior administration and have maintained ZERO backlog year after year since I took office.
  4. We successfully implemented a paper-on-demand electronic case management system that has information available to you as it happens.
  5. We have increased Prosecutor legal experience level of the office from a combined 195 years to 300+ years of legal experience.
  6. We responsibly saved approx. $4 million from the general County budget & brought in $28 million since 2015.
  7. We expanded our Bureau of Investigations to include dignitary protection, voice-stress analysis, active-shooter defense training, and continue to provide allied agency investigative assistance and fugitive apprehension

The list goes on because we have a dedicated staff working hard for your public safety. To keep this progress going, DA Fagundes is seeking your partnership to continue serving our community. District Attorney Fagundes also extended an invitation to anyone who wishes to witness the operation in action to call and schedule a time for a tour.

For inquires, call (559) 707-1655

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  1. Winning!! The voters know! And that doesn’t even include Kings County Deputy Sheriff Association! Go ask the Kings County Sheriff Union. Deputy Nathan Ferrier is who to talk to. I bet the union will endorse Fagundes and go against Dave Robinson.

  2. This is a release sent out by Fagundes team to create distraction from all the negative news on Fagundes. Lawsuits, sexual harassment, misuse of county property, hostile work environment, massive turnover. Everyone search the internet for sexual harassment of Robert waggle but Fagundes. Read the complaint!

  3. And this Fagundes playing the “Call me if you’d like to discuss” game with people. Like anyone is going to call this nut job and possibly be listed in Fagundes “blackmail” files. Another sign Fagundes is just a bully.

  4. The DA person is alleged to have many homosexual harassment charges against him/her/other and numerous text messages that seem to validate the allegations. If he/she/other were to harass a women the same way, he/other/she would have been removed by now (read the complaint and prove me wrong/right).

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