Directors Message from the Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

On April 1, Tulare County is launching its Microbusiness Covid Relief Fund program.

The program will provide $2,500 grants for Tulare County Microbusinesses Businesses significantly impacted by COVID-19. Businesses and who earn less than $50,000 in revenue are encouraged to apply.

The money can be spent on new equipment, working capital, local permits or fees, COVID-19 business debt and COVID-19 costs related to closures, restrictions, or interruptions

Documents needed are a photo ID such as a copy of your government-issued identification, (state, domestic, or foreign), proof of Microbusiness, current business license, state or local permit 2020 and a W-9 Tax Form

For more info or to apply online, visit or call Support Line 559 697-3 140. For assistance completing the required documents please call Gil Jaramillo, Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber at 559 734-6020.

Don’t forget our Annual Awards dinner on May 6, at the Visalia Convention Center, tickets are still available. You can also donate to our silent auction for additional marketing opportunities. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!

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