Public Feedback Needed on Goshen Trail Reconstruction

A press release from the City of Visalia

Visalians, we need your feedback! The Engineering Division of the City of Visalia will be hosting a public, virtual workshop on the Goshen Visalia Corridor Project on Thursday, April 7th from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

“The project consists of reconstructing and extending the Goshen Trail in order to connect the Goshen community to Downtown Visalia,” shares Diego Corvera, Civil Engineer, City of Visalia. “Residents are encouraged to join the public workshop to discuss and provide feedback relating to the project.”

The workshop is an opportunity for City staff to meet and listen to City of Visalia residents and is part of the City’s outreach efforts as they embark on this improvement. The workshop will be held virtually via Zoom, and login information and details on the meeting is accessible on the City’s website by

City Engineering staff will utilize the virtual workshop to discuss the Goshen Trail Reconstruction project with residents in more detail, while also addressing any questions, concerns and/or considerations they may have.  Workshop attendees should be aware that the meeting will be recorded so that staff is sure to receive and hear each of the comments received.

As part of the public outreach, Visalia residents are also asked to complete a short, online survey sharing their thoughts. Four different surveys in total are available, one general survey for residents (available in both English and Spanish), one for bike enthusiasts, one for students and schools, and one for the Industrial Park and businesses. Each survey link is hosted

“Resident feedback is greatly appreciated in developing the project,” added Corvera. “Feedback from the workshop and survey will be incorporated into the project scope as we apply for grant funding for this project to ensure it reflects the needs and desires of the community.”

For project details, virtual workshop access information and the forthcoming survey,

For additional information on the Goshen Visalia Corridor Project, contact Diego Corvera, Civil Engineer, at (559) 713-4209 or at[email protected].

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  1. I applaud you on this worthy community venture. I run the trail & bike it. Extension is a must

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