Kings County Sheriff David Robinson Endorses Nicole Parra for State Senate (D16)

A press release from Parra for Senate. Melissa Hurtado, the first-term Democratic state senator from Sanger is also running for SD16

Kings County Sheriff David Robinson has endorsed Nicole Parra for State Senate (D16).

“I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Nicole Parra for Senate. I met Nicole about 25 years ago in Kings County. We were teamed up to search for a missing Hanford child, we searched along the Kings River. Nicole has long ties to Kings County and has shown she can clearly work with everyone, regardless of political affiliation. She has a bi-partisan endorsement list, which is very impressive. I am proud to add my name to that list,” declared Sheriff Robinson.

Kings County Sheriff David Robinson joins Corcoran Chief of Police Reuben Shortnacy, former Tulare County Sheriff Bill Wittman and former Arvin Chief of Police Tommy Tunson in backing Parra.

“I am honored to have the endorsement and support from Sheriff Robinson. We have worked together in the past and I look forward to working with him when I am in the State Senate,” said Nicole Parra. “My commitment to serve our Valley families will never waver. My local law enforcement endorsements prove that. Sheriff Robinson joins over 60 local community leaders – Democrats and Republicans- who have put their trust in me.”

Kings County Sheriff David Robinson was born and raised in Hanford, where his family has lived since the 1930’s. Prior to his election as Sheriff, Robinson served as a correctional officer, was part of the multi-agency Kings County Gang Task Force, was an investigator and a detective with the Sheriff’s office. Robinson was also part of the Sheriff’s Honor Guard and S.W.A.T. Team. Currently, Sheriff Robinson is an active member of the California State Sheriff’s Association and is currently on the Board of Directors.

“I also want to thank all those men and women in law enforcement that make the sacrifice each day to keep our communities safe,” Parra concluded.

Sheriff Robinson’s endorsement is the latest in a series of endorsements demonstrating Nicole Parra’s dominance and strengthening viability in the race for SD16. For a full list of endorsements, please visit

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  1. This person comments on anyone who supports removing corrupt Fagundes as DA. So here he is commenting and trolling on Sheriffs endorsement with a dumb comment that no one cares. Yawn.

    • Apparently the sheriff supports democrats. I wonder how that will go over in predominantly republican Kings County?

      And it seems I’ve got my own stalker. I guess I’ve arrived.

      • You wouldn’t be making such a comment if Shefiff endorsed Fagundes. What changed? What caused Sheriff to not support Fagundes the sitting DA?

        • In answer to your question, while I do not know, I suspect the reasons the sheriff is endorsing her are:
          1). they’re 2 liberal peas in the left wing pod
          2). She has apparently decided to abandon her role as independent oversight for police misconduct (at least as it pertains to the sheriff’s office).

          • Or could it be DA Fagundes is a liability to the county and a horrible choice for DA that the sheriff in no way wants to be connected to? Fagundes claims to be a conservative but it is a facade. He has no ability to carry out his duties impartially as called out by a judge needing to remove the entire DAs office from cases. A massive sexual harassment lawsuit against the county based on Fagundes’ deviant conduct towards his male chief investigator? A disgraceful track record of questionable conduct by a elected DA? Misuse of county property? Keeping a possible blackmail file on persons? Sending hundreds of inappropriate texts to his male investigator? And the list goes on…Oh no, none of that is a possibility right? Fagundes is really a wonderful person and the sherif and everyone else just can’t see that.

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