Tulare County Democrats register 10,000th Democrat in the City of Tulare

Mr. Romerio Mafnas and Lourin Hubbard, Congressional Candidate District 22. Courtesy photo

Tulare County Democrats announced that they have registered the 10,000th Democrat voter in the City of Tulare.  On Sunday, February 27th, Tulare County Democrats participated in a voter registration program in the City of Tulare and walked door to door on the westside of the city to talk to neighbors about the importance of registering to vote.

“In preparation for the upcoming June 7th primary and to help elect Democrats in key races, we have been walking door to door in certain communities to encourage people to register to vote and to participate in the upcoming election”, stated Susanne Gundy, voter registration coordinator.

The Tulare County Elections office on a weekly basis releases the “Voter Registration by SOS District” report every Friday.  On Friday, February 25, 2022, the Tulare County Elections Office released its most current report.  Along with registration numbers for all cities in the county and other political subdivisions, such as Congressional, Senate, and Assembly Districts registration numbers, there was one statistic of note, the City of Tulare had 9,999 registered Democrats. https://tularecoelections.org/elections/registrar-of-voters/current-registration1/current-registration/

On Sunday volunteers knocked on the door of Mr. Romerio Mafnas, a new resident on the westside in the City of Tulare.  Mr. Manfas is a retired veteran and strong Democrat who recently moved to Tulare from Ventura California. After a few minutes of conversation, he registered to vote and symbolically became the 10,000th Democrat to register to vote in Tulare.

When asked why he registered to vote, he responded, “I was in the Army and I believe voting is the foundation of our country and I believe Democrats do a better job of running our country than Republicans”, stated Mr. Manfas.

“The recent once in a decade Census has provided data to us that shows us in what neighborhoods across the county are thousands of potential Latino voters who are 18 years of age and older and who are citizens that can potentially register to vote.  Over the next few months, we will continue to engage with them to work to register Democrats to vote across Tulare county”, concluded Gundy.

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  1. How in the world could any person with common sense, say democrats do a better job at running the country than a Republican? I would like to know one thing that’s better than 2 years ago.

    • Your REPUBLICAN president was impeached twice. He was impeached for blocking military aid for Ukraine approved by Congress! ABUSE OF POWER! And then surprise surprise Russia invades UKRAINE! We all seen Trump bow down to Putin on international television. America INFRASTRUCTURE which Dems passed is better than tax cuts for the wealthy that caused a one trillion dollar deficit in 2019 before the pandemic! Biden has only really been president for a year. You don’t need to be registered to any political party.

    • Obviously the White House plumbing is functioning far better than it was two years ago as it is no longer being clogged up with DonaldDuckmeister’s crap filled with chewed up highly sensitive documents. I’ll bet his next colonoscopy is going to be quite informative.

  2. Good for them but I think it’s a little silly for any one to be registered to a political party.

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