Sarah Hacker enters race for Kings County District Attorney

Kings County lawyer and former prosecutor with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Sarah Hacker, is announcing a bid to run for Kings County District Attorney in 2022.

Sarah Hacker is running for Kings County District Attorney because she strongly believes in justice for all.  The District Attorney is the sole person who may prosecute cases in Kings County – which requires the District Attorney to be fair and just.  Cases should be prosecuted on the basis of whether a crime could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  During the current administration, Keith Fagundes has contorted the law against women.  Keith Fagundes is the first prosecutor to prosecute women for murder who gave birth to stillborn babies after using illegal drugs.  The California Attorney General’s Office has denounced these prosecutions because the laws against murder were never intended to impose an unreasonable burden of care on pregnant women.

Cases should not be prosecuted based on the District Attorney’s relationship to the victim or the defendant.  Under the current administration, Keith Fagundes has shown favoritism for his friends and prejudice against his enemies.  The Kings County Superior Court recused Keith Fagundes of seven cases because he gave unreasonably lenient deals to the defense attorney, John Sarsfield who represents Keith Fagundes in his own current lawsuits.  In one case, the defendant was faced with 50 years to life for murder using a firearm.  Keith Fagundes offered that defendant a 6-year term.  This offer was rejected by the courts.  The Kings County Superior Court saw that these deals were being made, and intervened to remove these cases from Kieth Fagundes due to the “appearance of impropriety.”

Sarah is also running because Kings County deserves an ethical and moral District Attorney.  Keith Fagundes’ unethical and immoral conduct was revealed in a civil complaint filed by Chief Investigator, Robert Waggle.  Waggle’s complaint alleged that Keith Fagundes sexually harassed him for years by sending obscene text messages, touching him inappropriately, and making sexually explicit comments.

Fagundes never denied that he sent the sexually explicit texts to Waggle, but rather, minimized his conduct by asserting it was guy talk that one would see on Facebook or TV.  Also, Waggle alleges that Fagundes engaged in several acts of prosecutorial misconduct, which if proven, would constitute crimes.  In any other job, Fagundes would have been walked off the job based on these allegations alone.  But because he is an elected official, he remains seated as the District Attorney.  Instead of offering his resignation based on these serious accusations, Fagundes turned around and sued Kings County for refusing to pay for his private attorney.  Keith Fagundes has brought scandal to his office and his actions are unbecoming of the office he holds.

Sarah is a San Joaquin Valley native.  She grew up in Clovis, California, and attended Clovis West High School.  Sarah earned her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2001. In between college and law school, Sarah spent a year working in Congress.  Her first day of work was on September 11, 2001.  She attended Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles from 2002 to 2005 where she received a Juris Doctorate degree.  During law school, Sarah interned at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office where she won her first jury trial as a law clerk.  Sarah became a lawyer on December 1, 2005.

Sarah has been a practicing attorney for 16 years.  The first 9 years of her career were spent at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.  There, she prosecuted numerous types of crimes, such as homicides, gang offenses, sexual assault, white-collar crimes, juvenile offenses, and prison crimes. As the elected district attorney, she would know what the job entails.  During her tenure as a prosecutor, Sarah developed a strong passion to protect the defenseless: children, elders, disabled people, women, and animals.  As the elected District Attorney, she pledges to advocate for victims of crime who need protection.  She is committed to ensuring a safe community for all of Kings County.

In 2015, Sarah left the District Attorney’s Office to join Dias Law Firm, Inc. There, Sarah handled civil litigation, family law, employment law, and criminal defense.  In 2019, she was promoted to partner with Dias Law Firm, Inc.  As a partner, she supervised and oversaw other attorneys and staff, developing management experience.

Sarah is running to bring integrity, ethics, and morals to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.  She pledges to create a professional environment for attorneys, investigators, and staff to work in.  She will evaluate a case on its merits.  She will properly charge cases and bring them to trial based on the law.

When elected, Sarah Hacker will pledge to remove the culture of retaliation, hostility, and harassment within the District Attorney’s office and establish an environment in favor of due process and integrity seeking justice for all.

31 thoughts on “Sarah Hacker enters race for Kings County District Attorney

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  1. Oh she was a partner at horribly ran Dias Law firm. I’m not surprised. That place was completely unprofessional. I was yelled at by one of the attorneys after I asked for the hourly rate and retainer amount. A friend told me they mistakenly hired them and they make the client do all the work. We need a real DA not a person who focused on family law and civil lawsuits. She surely doesn’t have enough criminal experience.

    • Yeah fagundes is a great guy! what a great representative of the community! just read those chacater qualities in the allegations. there’s the guy we need in office! OMG

  2. “In any other job, Fagundes would have been walked off the job based on these allegations alone.” Who wrote this? Why isn’t an opinion piece? Any is an absolute and I was taught morons speak in ABSOLUTES. There still has to be evidence of misconduct and Waggle is a grown adult who chose to continue a relationship outside of work even if it was a friendship. California the sue me state!! But Hacker would know. Civil attorneys make money on outrageous lawsuits. Waggle has brought scandal to THIS OFFICE! No wonder there’s no name to this article. It literally states “by his actions” that haven’t been proven in the court of law. Lawsuits work both ways.

  3. Because Chad Draxler doesn’t like her, she must be good . She has my vote. Thanks Chad.

    • I bet you don’t live in Kings County. Am I right. Prove you vote based on hate and not on facts. Keep showing your true colors. Keep hating. Haters fuel my success.

    • So do you like the killer Chelsea since I don’t like her? Do you like Vladimir Putin also because I hate him! Tell everyone how you support war mongering PUTIN!!

      • I agree! Get that guy OUT. He’s a disgrace. Sarah will be getting my vote. And yes, I’ve lived in Kings County over 50 years. Fsgundes belongs with Ex Kings County DA, Ron Calhoun. Neither one of them understand “fair” or justice.
        I’ve seen too much corruption in that office. Waste of tax payer dollars is right. I worked with the DA’s office for 33 years. They need someone who can represent all that Sarah stands for!

  4. So she is another liberal who supports the Democratic Attorney General’s opinion on not arresting people who take drugs and kill babies. No wonder people are moving out of state.

    • Kings county citizens vote. Fagundes tried to charge hear. Vote Fagundes if you want justice.

    • Does she even live in Kings County? I thought she was from Fresno County. She needs to get her story straight. She claims to be “conservative” on her campaign site, yet is singing the praises of the ultra-liberal democrat, pro-abortion attorney general. So what is it Sarah? Are you really a “conservative?” Or are you just an opportunist looking to avenge some personal grievance?

  5. Fagundes just needs to admit he is Gay and join the LGBTQ community. Fagundes sent Waggled kissy faces and told Waggle he loved him. 5000 emails sent to Waggle by Fagundes with sexually explicit statements and expressions of affection. Worst, Fagundes was cheating on his wife by trying to hook up with Waggle. Numerous people have indicated they knew Fagundes was Gay and he has tried to pick up many male deputy DAs who left because of sexual harassment. Fagundes is a pervert and a predator.

    • So why was Fagundes censored? What did Human resources do? How come he didn’t block him from texting? You know cellphones do have those features. KEEP DEFENDING A MAN DESPERATE TO GET PAID FROM SUING THE COUNTY

    • Can’t wait until you get sued and you know how it feels. Why didn’t Waggle sue Fagundes? Because he is a thieving criminal going to hell trying to steal from the county!!

  6. “ The first 9 years of her career were spent at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. There, she prosecuted numerous types of crimes, such as homicides, gang offenses, sexual assault, white-collar crimes, juvenile offenses, and prison crimes.”

    • Yah it was nothing to compared to working as assistant for at least 15 years from 1999 to 2015. You think 9 years as an assistant in enough experience when the last 7 she was a civil attorney! SHE SUED PEOPLE FOR A LIVING!!

  7. She worked as an Deputy District Attorney….and yes, I feel she has tremendous experience and is prepared to be the District Attorney……VOTE HACKER FOR DA!

  8. You know when Fagundes trolls focus on demeaning Hacker they are triggered.

    They have nothing to talk about regarding positive traits of this nut job causing havoc on the county.

    Time to take out the trash.

  9. Kings county won’t even let Keith in his office apparently, it’s that bad. Enough said.

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