Why vendor events help the community

As an event coordinator for over the past 20 years, I have always enjoyed watching others prosper in their business endeavors.

Our Springtime Marketplace event will be held on Saturday March 26th is specifically designed to promote our local, family, and home-based businesses.  This will give them the opportunity to display their merchandise and help grow their customer base.

These vendor events create a following as people in the community can explore their product options in a safe, family friendly, and fun atmosphere. Shopping local has many advantages. A lot of the vendor’s merchandise is hand crafted, beautifully designed, and displayed which creates a very delightful shopping experience.

To create interest and assist in attracting customers we conduct a ‘door prize’ opportunity to all our guests.  The vendors keep their door prize in their space and as guests check in, they will draw a ticket to see if they have won. They will retrieve their door prize from the vendor and hopefully make a customer connection.

We are holding this event at ‘Champs Express Car Wash’ located at 1201 W. Caldwell, next to Gozen’s Restaurant from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  At this location there is plenty of visibility which will also create interest from those passing by. We extend our advertising to flyers posted in the community, 2 large banners, one placed on the east side of Visalia and one on the west side. In addition, we do Facebook promotions. We also contact all local ‘community calendars’ to add the event.

As a rule, and respecting the other community events, we try to schedule our events on opposite Saturdays as some of the same vendors would have to choose which one too attend. It is our desire to support all of the other vendor events in the community.

We sincerely hope you will join us! For more information please contact: Sondra Jones 559-623-2475

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