Porterville Farmer David Shepard Announces Campaign for California Senate District 16

Porterville, CA —  David Shepard, a Republican farmer from Porterville, today announced his campaign for California State Senate, District 16.

“Four generations ago, my family came to the Central Valley in search of work and opportunity. They found it here and were able to provide a better life for our family. It is humbling to announce my campaign to represent our home in the State Senate” stated Shepard. “I love the Central Valley and am running for State Senate because I am tired of Sacramento politicians cutting off our water supply, releasing criminals onto the streets, and playing politics with our children’s education. As your State Senator, I will stand up to Sacramento and be a voice for the hard working families of the Central Valley.”

David’s great-grandfather emigrated from Guanajuato, Mexico settling in the outskirts of Bakersfield as a migrant farm worker. On the other side of his family, David’s great-grandfather farmed honeydew melons in Arvin, California in the early 1940’s and eventually purchased land outside Porterville and Terra Bella. Four generations later, David along with many other members of the Merritt family have continued working to sustain the family farm known today as E.W. Merritt Farms.

David supervises the farm’s table grape operations throughout the year as well as assisting in other operations in the almond and pistachio orchards. David was born in Visalia and is a first generation college graduate and attended junior college at Porterville College before graduating from UCLA.

Shepard is launching his campaign with endorsements from local elected officials from across the district.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux announced his support, stating “David Shepard understands the needs of Central Valley families and will be a fierce advocate for public safety in Sacramento. He has my full support for State Senate.”

Former Assemblywoman Connie Conway also announced her support, stating “David Shepard will bring a much-needed fresh perspective to Sacramento and deliver on the issues that matter to working valley families: increased water infrastructure, new jobs and opportunity, and improved public safety.”

Shepard is running for the newly drawn State Senate District 16, encompassing the Tulare County communities of Porterville, Dinuba, Pixley, Lindsay, Woodlake, parts of Visalia and Tulare; the Kern County communities of Delano, McFarland, Wasco, Shafter, South Bakersfield, and Lamont; Kingsburg in Fresno County; and all of Kings County.

David, his wife Christine, and their two kids Liv and Zion, live on the outskirts of Porterville and attend church in Springville.

David’s biography, endorsements, and more information about his campaign is available at www.ShepardforSenate.com.

4 thoughts on “Porterville Farmer David Shepard Announces Campaign for California Senate District 16

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  1. It’s a shame he is a Republican. They are doing so much damage to our country. Endorsed by trumpanzis as well.

  2. We are ecstatic that he is a Republican. He is a hard working farmer that knows the values that are important to Americans; work hard to get ahead, raise your children to be decent beings, don’t see color and take responsibly for your actions. Complete opposite of what Democrats are for. We can’t wait to welcome him in to the CA Sente

  3. First of all he is not a farmer, his uncles and cousins are, he’s a lazy ass who’s using his family’s name to run for Senator. He is endorsed by Sheriff Boudreaux because of his family ties and that’s all he doesn’t supervise any kind of farming in the Central Valley just using the Merritt name to get a easy not having to work job

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