Magsig announces candidacy for California’s 5th Congressional District

Fresno County Supervisor Nathan Magsig issued a statement Monday stating that he would announce his candidacy for California’s 5th Congressional District:

The seat, which covers much of California Gold Country and key portions of the San Joaquin Valley, draws into portions of my Fresno County Supervisorial district near to my heart.

Since I was elected to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors in 2016, I have made it my goal to be a strong voice for the residents of the Sierra foothills and communities on the Valley floor.

In 2020, that goal became a mission.

Wide swaths of Fresno County foothills were turned to ash in the Creek Fire, at the time the worst wildfire in California’s history.

While Gov. Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris staged photo-ops in the rubble, I spent weeks coordinating with Cal Fire and U.S. Forest Service fire crews to relieve the burden of communicating to my neighbors about rescue operations and whether their homes were still standing.

Out of the ashes, I’ve fought harder than ever against the legal tricks utilized by well-funded, far-flung environmental groups to turn every available law and regulation into stumbling blocks to responsibly manage our forests, making wildfires deadlier in the process.

In recent weeks, I’ve heard from too many residents and neighbors calling for someone in Washington that fully embraces the word “Representative” – not just a strong voice, but a leader who listens to the needs of their neighbors.

It’s a tall mountain to climb to be that kind of leader. But in the 5th District, we’re not afraid of a little uphill battle.

I did not reach today’s decision lightly.

More than a month ago, I announced my candidacy to replace an incredible leader, Rep. Devin Nunes.

In the ensuing weeks, it has become clear that the pathway for an all-but-certain June special election for the old 22nd Congressional district means that the winner of the race will serve in Congress for no more than 40 working days.

After prayerful reflection and consultation with my family and supporters, our region deserves longer term leadership in Congress. For that reason, I am foregoing the 22nd District Special Election.

I’m excited to roll up my sleeves, hit the road, and meet with neighbors across the 5th District to share my vision for restoring local control, keeping our communities and forests safe, and delivering water supplies to the Central Valley.

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