Tulare Co. Supervisors, Sheriff Mike Boudreaux Endorse Magsig for Congress

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and three Tulare County Supervisors – Larry Micari, Amy Shuklian, and Pete Vander Poel III – announced their support for Supervisor Nathan Magsig for Congress in the 22nd Congressional district special election on Wednesday.

“This is a campaign fighting to improve our Valley – from lowering the cost of living to boosting our water supplies to keeping our neighborhoods and communities safe,” Magsig said. “I’m honored to have the support of such strong leaders as Sheriff Boudreaux and Supervisors Micari, Shuklian and Vander Poel and look forward to working with them to deliver the Valley’s message on Capitol Hill.”

Boudreaux, a 35-year veteran of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, has served as Tulare County Sheriff since 2013.

“Supervisor Nathan Magsig is a leader who isn’t afraid to shy away from hard work. That’s why we need him in Congress. He has the vision and focus to deliver for the Central Valley and will be a strong advocate for local law enforcement to be properly equipped to keep our communities safe,” Boudreaux said.

“Whether it’s his long record on the Board of Supervisors supporting law enforcement and our justice partners in the Central Valley or working hand-in-hand with rescue operations in the Sierra during wildfire season, he’s the right choice for Congress.”

Vander Poel represents District 2 on the Board of Supervisors, which includes the communities of Tulare, Tipton, Pixley, Earlimart, Allensworth, and Alpaugh.

“For two decades, Tulare County and the San Joaquin Valley has had a strong voice in Congress. Now, we have the chance to send another one: Nathan Magsig,” Vander Poel said.

I’ve worked closely with Supervisor Magsig over the years and he is ready to fight on Day One to reverse the flow of water to the ocean, increase our water supply, and help Valley farms feed the world.”

Shuklian represents District 3 on the Board of Supervisors, covering the majority of the City of Visalia.

“Nathan Magsig is able to bring people of all stripes together and has the tools to solve the biggest problems in our region,” Shuklian said.

“We need an advocate in Congress who will fight for greater local control of key decisions that impact our lives. That’s why Supervisor Nathan Magsig is my choice for Congress in the 22nd Congressional District.”

Micari represents District 1, which includes portions of Visalia along with the communities of Exeter, Farmersville, Strathmore, Lemon Cove and mountain communities of Three Rivers, and Mineral King.

“Difficult times call for strong leaders. In the upcoming election, Supervisor Nathan Magsig is that leader,” Micari said. “I know he will do his best to cut back excessive spending, bring down the rising cost of living, and be an ardent voice for the Valley in Congress.”

The special primary election for the 22nd Congressional district is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5.

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  1. Shocked and disappointed in Supervisor Amy Shuklian! The rest I expected nothing less but from her, omg! Supporting Republicans at the national level in this day and age is very telling and revealing of their minds and priorities. Supervisor Shuklian may argue “Valley interest this” and “water that” but to me, the nation is at stake and any vote closer to McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives is unacceptable. Dangerous and stupid!

    • Not sure why Shuklian surprises you. She is after all a politician and an ambitious one at that! In this valley if you have ambitions to get elected or reelected you had better be prepared to climb on the infamous Trump Train. Shuklian knows she has to find a ticket to ride and backing Magsig could be her ticket.

  2. We need more People like a sheriff and our three supervisors that’s vote for a Republican we need more Republican leader ship God bless or three supervisors and Are Sheriff for their leader ship

    • Magsig represents District 5 in the County of Fresno. CD22 is two thirds Fresno County, one third Tulare County.

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