Congressman David G. Valadao Announces Reelection Bid in New CA-22

A press release from Valadao for Congress

Congressman David G. Valadao announced today he will run for reelection in the newly created 22nd Congressional District, in which he resides. Through his time in the California State Assembly and Congress, David has represented many of these Central Valley communities for over a decade.

“My commitment to the Central Valley is stronger than ever,” said Congressman Valadao. “I’ll continue to be an independent member of Congress who will stand up to the divisive partisanship in Washington D.C., get things done to grow our local economy, and deliver more water for our farmers and communities. I’m excited to earn the vote of old friends as well as new voters across Kern, Kings, and Tulare Counties.”

Since taking office last January, Congressman Valadao has introduced two pieces of legislation that would increase access to water for our farmers and families. Within the first eight months of his term, Congressman Valadao visited every community in the district to ensure the true voice of the Valley is heard in Washington.

In addition, Congressman Valadao has cosponsored over 200 bills in the past year, of which three have been signed into law to improve healthcare access for our veterans and other vulnerable groups. Several more bills have passed in the House of Representatives, including legislation to address the supply chain crisis, an issue he has been hard at work to resolve.

He also worked with federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of Veteran Affairs, the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and more to resolve over 300 constituent requests.

In 2016, Congressman Valadao led a bipartisan group in Congress to pass the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN Act), which was signed into law. The California water provisions included in the WIIN Act allow for the development of new water infrastructure, provide funding for storage and groundwater projects, and improve operations on the Central Valley Project.

Additionally, Congressman Valadao continues to work with Republicans and Democrats to fix America’s broken immigration system. We need to protect families and children who have spent their whole lives in this country, while looking out for America’s workers and strengthening our border security.  He knows that we can and we must do both.

David G. Valadao represented the 21st Congressional District from 2013, which includes Kings County and portions of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern Counties.

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  1. The funny thing is his loss will prove Trump destroyed the Republican party. Trump was the greatest thing for Democrats in a long time.

  2. Trump didn’t create these people who support him they have been here all along. A good majority of them have been silent for the most part in blaming or begrudging the hand that they believe was dealt to them by “the other(s)”. In Trump they finally found someone who they could” put to good use” in publicly validating who they are; what they believe in, what they want, wish and hope for. Valadao’s courageous act of putting country before party is commendable however he still remains a registered member and supporter of a political party that is filled with elected officials who have willingly worn a blindfold regarding the attack on our capital and the ongoing insurrection against our government and our institutions. This systematic and strategic insurrection continues to creep through every State in the Union, most especially in designated red States, with elected Republican Party senators and representatives voting for and passing laws designed to subvert people’s right to vote (a return to the days of Jim Crow), women’s rights (purported Christian activists ignoring and undermining the Constitution’s Separation of Churches and States), and continuing the nauseating promotion of Trump’s big lie of election fraud (ruled by election officials across the entire United States as well as our Courts that there was no fraud; Biden won, Trump lost). I find it very disturbing that Valadao continues to praise the leadership of McCarthy and champions Nunes as his mentor (aka AWOL Nunes) knowing that both “chose” to abdicate their pledge of allegiance to their country to pledge their allegiance to an autocratic narcissistic immoral now former president. They have willfully chosen to not honor their oath of office to serve and protect this nation against terrorists, foreign and domestic. The oath of office means nothing when it can be bought out by corporations or special interest groups and even be silenced out of fear of reprisal. Decisions of any government official holding office in actuality affects the lives of ALL THE PEOPLE not just their local constituency in their voting district and the political party they are affiliated with. That is why ALL POLITICAL OFFICE HOLDERS must be held accountable for not just when what they do is right but for when what they do is wrong. That is why honesty matters. That is why decency matters. That is why morality matters. That is why being Pro-Democracy matters. We the people of the United States…..United We Stand, Divided We Fall. THAT matters!

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