Governor appoints Sylvia Hanna to Tulare County Superior Court

Governor Gavin Newsom announced on November 29, 2021 the appointment of Sylvia Hannah as a judge to the Tulare County Superior Court.

“Sylvia is a very welcome addition to the Tulare County Superior Court. She has excellent legal experience and maintains all the required attributes to be a successful judge for many years. She will commence her judicial career serving the citizens of Tulare County in our misdemeanor criminal courts.” Said Presiding Judge David C. Mathias on behalf of the court.

Sylvia J. Hanna, 44, of Tulare, has been appointed to serve as a Judge in the Tulare County Superior Court. Hanna has served as Chief Deputy Public Defender at the Tulare County Office of the Public Defender since 2019, where she has held several positions since 2004, including Senior Attorney and Supervising Attorney. She served as a Law Clerk at the Fresno County Public Defender’s Office in 2003. Hanna earned a Juris Doctor degree from Notre Dame Law School. She fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Kathryn T. Montejano.

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  1. Judge Hannah you ordered me to go to H & H S A drug program to do 40 hours will I’ve Been Everywhere I think of year in Tulare County Visalia and no one’s heard of me and there’s a recovery home so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do there’s no address there’s no telephone number and everywhere I’ve been it’s just they don’t know nothing of me remember I did a Kingsview and covid-19 today into the classes so I couldn’t finish then I was doing over line and like I said I was homeless now to pay that or keep working or where’s the paperwork to eat I don’t know what to do really I just don’t know what to do and times on already running out and every place that I’ve been to they say they’re they don’t know nothing of me I’ve been on West Tulare Avenue at East Tulare Avenue I’ve been to the Mooney Boulevard across the park all the way up in a outside of Visalia and I’ve been to the Bureau for 40 hours if I could do it there and they they don’t know anything about me Tulare County Court Referral Program not even and I tried to match or something and no one knows nothing of me so June is coming over June 9th is coming and I haven’t had no way no luck Transportation at all and like I said I’m living in the backfield of us a man that gave me a place where to sleep live with his disabled handicapped and I exchange clean and work for him on his property out in the country for the family quad officer quad Junior that’s why I’m working for so please if you can get in contact with me or not well just have to wait till June 9th and I’ll show you what I have to say thank you I hope this reaches you

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