West Hills College Lemoore holding Grand Opening for MakeOvate Lab October 19

West Hills College Lemoore is pleased to announce the grand opening of its brand new MakeOvate Lab on October 19, 2021. Housed in the new workforce Internship Networking (WIN) Center located in the Student Union on the WHCL campus, the MakeOvate Lab boasts a 3D printer, laser engraver, and vinyl printer. The lab also includes meeting spaces for students to come and create at their own pace.

“The MakeOvate Lab will be the central hub for student makers and entrepreneurs and help Lemoore continue the good work of developing an entrepreneurial mindset in all students,” said Kris Costa, Dean of Career Education and Training. “The lab is a dream come true, and we are thrilled both the MakeOvate Lab and the WIN Center are in their new location: the WHCL Student Union. It is already changing the way students interact with the workplace and our local employers, driving our student internship and employment programs to levels we’ve not seen before”.

In addition to the new MakeOvate Lab, the WIN Center is also home to the West Hills College Lemoore Military Services Center (MSC). “The move to the WIN Center has been especially impactful for MSC,” said the Veteran Upward Bound program coordinator, Callie Branan. “The combination of both departments in one space has been beneficial to military-connected students because they have a direct connection to the WIN Center services and place where they can connect with others.”

“Co-locating the WIN, Military Services, and our MakeOvate lab gives our veteran and active duty learners an incredible opportunity to connect with entrepreneurism and workplace skill development,” said Costa.

West Hills College Lemoore is dedicated to meeting the needs of its students and community and understands its critical role in the local economy. “The WIN Center is an example of our college’s commitment to helping students prepare for the workforce. A key part of our strategic plan emphasizes working with industry partners to create and grow more short-term vocational programs at our college that help students learn key skills and attain industry certifications. The WIN Center and the MakeOvate Lab are helping us accomplish these goals”, said Interim West Hills College Lemoore President James Preston.

West Hills College Lemoore invites the local community to join them in an official ribbon cutting on October 19, 2021, at 10 AM.

For more information, contact Amy Smart at (559) 772-9625.

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