Bear Cubs Roaming Three Rivers Area, Deputies AskPassers By to Stop Petting Them!

A press release from TCSO

Around 10 a.m today (Tuesday, August 17) TCSO Deputies and Officers with The California Department of Fish and Wildlife responded to two bear cubs repeatedly being seen walking in the roadway in the Three Rivers area.
Deputies received reports that numerous people were passing by and trying to feed and pet the bear cubs for the past three days.
The bear cubs were found, safely captured and assessed. During the assessment of the cubs, and based on their age and weight, it was determined it was highly likely they were too young to be away from their mother and may not survive on their own. The whereabouts of the mother bear was unknown and the bear cubs were later transported to a rehabilitation facility in San Diego by the California Department of Fish and Wild life, where they will be cared for and later released back into the wild.
Please remember to never approach or feed wild animals.

Click on link below for additional ways to help keep wildlife safe.

7 thoughts on “Bear Cubs Roaming Three Rivers Area, Deputies AskPassers By to Stop Petting Them!

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  1. Those feeding and trying to pet the bears, have to be in the same frame of mind as those those who voted for Newsom. Keep it up. Natural selection will win.

    • Duh Frank this isn’t a political article so why the inane comment. Do you view everything in life through political lens? How sad! Truly a headshaker.

  2. Just me – I do actually view life through a political lens! Have you ever perused how frequent politicians affect your daily life? Or have you become numb to all the regulations, policies, and taxes California inflicts on you as a resident and could care less? Maybe you have heard of the Idiom: Stupid is as stupid does. It is the perfect representation of someone attempting to pet a bear, it is also an perfect portrayal of Gavin attempting to be a governor.

    • How sad for you! It is heartbreaking to read that your world has become so narrowed. I hope that your outlook on life becomes more open and broadened so you can enjoy it regardless of your political view. Don’t know if you have family living with you or not but if you do I hope your negativity doesn’t affect your relationship with them as there is much more to life than politics.

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