Visalia Economic Development Corporation to celebrate 25th anniversary meeting

The 25th anniversary VEDC annual meeting will be held at the Marriott Hotel at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, June 16.

Attendees will be able to participate in person or via livestreaming.

The program will include recognition of outgoing Board chairman Justin Workman of Gallagher and incoming chairman Lisa Walsh of Hydrite Chemical Co. Doug Svensson, of Applied Development Economics, will provide an overview of the Visalia Economic Strategic Plan and the opportunities available for Visalia. Executive director Nancy Lockwood will provide a review of the year and the strategic plan, now in development.

“It has been a challenging but fruitful year, given the impacts of COVID,” Workman noted. “I have had a great Board of Directors and we have completed important work this year. I’m looking forward to supporting Lisa during her year as chairman.”

The VEDC is a non-profit organization committed to supporting current and prospective employers, with a focus on the Visalia Industrial Park. The original creators of the VEDC, Michael Phelps, Dan Dooley, Basil Perch, Stan Simpson and Andy Mangano, have been invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary. Rita B. Hill was also an original signer on the articles of incorporation.

Sponsorships are welcome. Already on board are Southern California Edison, California Water, Groppetti Automotive, 4 Creeks, Graham & Associates, Kaweah Health, Peña’s Disposal, Diversified Development Group, Hydrite Chemical Co., Gallagher Insurance, Electric Motor Shop, California Dairies and NAI The Whitlatch Group.

For further information, contact Nancy Lockwood, [email protected], 733-3737.

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