The Source LGBT+ Center’s Pride to be held at Valley Strong Ballpark

The Rawhide and the Source LGBT+ Center announce that 2021 Pride will be held at Valley Strong
Ballpark. On October 23rd thousands of people will enter the ballpark not for a baseball game, but for Pride Visalia.

The Rawhide have hosted a Pride Night during the baseball season, but this marks the first off-season Pride event for the baseball club.

“We have loved partnering with The Source the past few years and we are really excited to host Pride Visalia in October,” said Sam Sigal, President of the Visalia Rawhide. “Valley Strong Ballpark is for everyone and we strive to make sure every person feels welcomed, comfortable, and safe.”

This Pride will be The Source’s 5th Pride which coincides with their 5th year anniversary. Valley Strong Ballpark is a new venue for Pride Visalia. In the past it has been held at the Old Lumberyard in Downtown Visalia. The new venue will allow for a better attendee experience overall including the space to spread out vendors, people, and performers.

The stadium’s PA system and new LED video board will allow for enhanced sponsor benefits during the event.

Tickets go on sale Saturday May 29, 2021 at noon on Eventbrite. At this time only 500 tickets will be available at $10 each. Children under 12 are free. There will be 20 VIP tickets available for $250. VIP tickets will give purchasers an “all access pass” that allows them into the Hall of Fame club which will become a VIP lounge with its own bathrooms and bar.

Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Source, Brian Poth, says “Pride Visalia will be bigger and better than ever. We are excited to continue this beloved community event which helps fund our vital work.”

Attendance in the past two in-person Pride events was just over 3,000 people. It’s expected that COVID safety regulations will allow capacity to reach up to 5,000 people by October. Ticket availability will be updated as the situation evolves.

“Safety has always been a priority for our events. We will closely monitor the situation and release updates as needed.” said Nick Vargas, Source co-founder and Director of Development and Strategy.

For more information on the event including vendor and sponsorship opportunities, contact Nick Vargas at 559-429-4277 ext 2 or visit

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  1. I am so excited about having another fabulous PRIDE event in Visalia. Thank You to all the people who work very hard to put this annual event together.

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