Visalia Breakfast Lions thanks community for 32nd annual car show

First and fore most the Visalia Breakfast Lions (VBL) would like to thank the City of Visalia Administration and our mayor along with several Tulare County Board of Supervisors for helping to make the car show happen. This was an outdoor event that brought a little piece of joy to our city.

There were 250 cars lined up and down Main St from Willis to Bridge Street. This was not the biggest car show ever, in terms of cars entered, but it was the biggest thing to happen outside in Visalia in quite some time. There were 40 different car manufactures represented, with so many models shown it was eye candy for all car enthusiasts.

We thank all who walked the street for staying with family members and following the guideline.  It was a beautiful day and enjoyed by all who attended.

We also would like to thank our Local Veterans Group for their Color Guard, Rick Perez musical solo, the V.I.P.’s and Explorers for keeping us all safe.  And congratulations to the VBL for putting on an outdoor event that ran great. And a huge thank you to all the VBL’s members who work the event and many supporters from local non-profits. What a TEAM!

Winners were:

  1. Best of Show Paint – 1963 Mercury Monterey
  2. Best of Show Lion’s Choice – 1956 Chevy 2 door post Chopped 3
  3. Best of Show Engine – 1968 Chevy C-10
  4. Best of Show Interior – 1953 Studebaker Conestoga Wagon
  5. Best of Show Original Appearing – 1963 VW Bus
  6. Best of Show Modified – 1957 Chevy Belair

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