Marisa Wood – 20-year Veteran of Bakersfield Public Schools – Launches Campaign Against Career Politician Kevin McCarthy

A press release from the Marisa Wood for Congress Campaign

Public school teacher, mother, and grandmother, Marisa Wood announced she will run for Congress against Representative Kevin McCarthy. Marisa has spent the last 20 years serving the Bakersfield community and working with children, and now she’s taking on McCarthy to fight for the women and families in California’s 23rd Congressional District, who he has clearly left behind.

Wood joins the race just one day after McCarthy led the charge to strip Representative Liz Cheney of her leadership position for the simple fact that Cheney acknowledged the accuracy of the 2020 presidential elections. In Punchbowl News, it was reported that McCarthy was in search of a Cheney replacement who “does not pose a threat to them and their power,” to which Marisa responded in a video announcing her campaign. Watch HERE.

“The people in our community are sick and tired of Kevin McCarthy’s self-serving agenda, that is focused more on partisan fights in Washington than on solving problems for families here at home,” said Marisa Wood, candidate for Congress. “I want families in California’s 23rd district to know that I see them, and will use my voice in Congress to ease their struggles. I see the parents who are struggling to find quality child care, and the people who have lost their jobs due to COVID, battling to put food on the table for their families. I see the small business owner, barely staying afloat under COVID restrictions, and the farmers who desperately need water from Northern California to grow their crops.”

Marisa continued, Kevin McCarthy either doesn’t see those struggling families, workers, farmers and small business owners, or he just doesn’t care. And if he thinks he can he can silence me or shut me up like he does to women that threaten him in Washington D.C., he’s got another thing coming.”

Marisa understands the struggles that many families face in California’s 23rd Congressional District. She and her husband John didn’t have much as they tried to save for a home, all while raising their three children on an apple orchard where John worked. She knows that families need jobs that pay the bills, access to affordable health care, and an economy that prioritizes workers, growers, farmers, teachers and first responders — not just the super rich and well connected.

Marisa was born in Danville, California where she went to public high school. She moved south to attend California Polytechnic State University, where she met her husband John. Together they moved to Bakersfield in the late 1980s to live on the apple farm where John worked. Marisa raised her children John Sidney, Casey and Jamie on that farm, and Marisa has taught public school and religious education in the community ever since. John continues to work in the agriculture industry.

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  1. Marisa presents a view I agree with. Our current legislators are too centered on promoting a “political party view” instead of working on the concerns and needs of the people they are supposed to be representing. I’ll be very interested in hearing more from her!

  2. Mr. McCarthy is absolutely Morally Vacuous has abused the Office he took a Oath to the Constitution of The United States . Unfortunately this individual has no regard of History and is Condemned to Repeating it . His Two Faced imperfection proves his disservice to the American People . His only concern is to become Speaker of the House of which he is unfit and Mentally Challenged . His lies and deception speaks for itself . As a example his dealing of a current situation of Ms. Green and this individuals public comments concerning the Jewish Holocaust .

  3. I don’t tend to vote for a party, but for the policies that a candidate represents. We need to stand behind a universal healthcare system much like that of every other developed country offers to its citizens. We need to cut out the healthcare insurance mafia middleman that keeps us in perpetual sickness for profit and we need to reign in big pharma that we subsidize by using taxpayer monies to fund research of drugs that are then sold to us at price gouging prices. The health of our nation’s citizens should not have a profit margin.

  4. how do I help with post cards & such to help get out the word to vote for Marisa Wood. on Soc Sec & can not do much money wise.

  5. Marisa wood, we needed an educator and leader to stand up for the.rights of the people in the 23rd District in the central valley and Bakersfield, California. The far right is too corrupt to even ask them to change. Lets help you get elected, we need you!! Ask everybody to give you their support. Contact the Dolores Huerta Foundation. 661 322
    3033. P.o. Box 2087, Bakersfield Ca.
    93303 7-20-21 God Bless all of you!

  6. Go Marissa! Water is critical AND Northern Cal water is far from the only solution. With the Sierra snowpack being a shadow of its former self, San Joaquin Valley farmers should demand water from the Kern Water Bank which the wealthy Resnick family virtually owns! The Resnicks are major Democrat donors…

  7. Go, Melissa. It’s the right time. And when your district receives its share of the BBB, make sure people know how McCarthy voted against it.

  8. I am very happy to read you are running to replace Kevin McCarthy.
    Allow me to suggest your mantra should be, “Kevin McCarthy is a protege of Paul Ryan.” Everyone remembers do nothing Ryan…he gave Dems everything they wanted…did NOTHING/did NOT FIGHT for the Republicans in the House.
    McCarthy allowed 13 House Reps to vote/pass Pelosi’s bill…what’s that about? He did not fight!!
    I wish you the best of Luck and it is indeed time to replace a weak Washington RINO McCarthy and the bonus a WOMAN!! smile
    I will be happy to donate., please send me a campaign mailing address, I do not donate online. Thank you,
    Renee Perry

  9. Kevin McCarthy has earned the honorable title of “Odious.” Turns out, he knew perfectly well that Trump was a traitor to the Constitution and deserved impeachment. When confronted with is own words, he denied that….until the voice tape was produced. Like is master, he’s a politician and his lips are moving!

  10. Why does Kevin McCarthy support Putin’s favorite US politican, Donald Trump? For the same reason he promotes falsehoods? For his political survival?

    If you like Trump with all his evil and corrupt ways, you’ll like McCarthy too. Another subversive lurking around Washington hoping to end freedom and take power.

  11. McCarthy thinks Trump is an icon of American Business. Really? 6 Bankruptcies and about 4000 law suits are not hallmarks of a good businessman. They are the coin of the realm for mobsters. QED

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