District Attorney Launches Visalia Ransacker Community History Project

A Press Release from the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office

Nearly 50 years ago, residents in the city of Visalia were the target of a prowler and experienced a series of burglaries, over 100 in all, that left homeowners and law enforcement perplexed. Drawers were rummaged, underwear was strewn throughout the home, and small, often insignificant items were stolen or re-arranged. The community dubbed the unknown person the “Visalia Ransacker.”

Many in our local community were deeply impacted by these events and the escalating violence that turned the Ransacker into the Original Nightstalker, the East Area Rapist, and eventually the Golden State Killer.

The Office of the District Attorney is asking the public to share their stories of this significant time in Tulare County and Visalia history. How did the prowling and Ransacker crimes impact you and your family? How did you feel decades later when he was arrested and sentenced? If you were not a resident at the time, what did you hear about this case?

“We are inspired by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office to collect these memories not just from victims, but from community members who experienced the climate of fear the Ransacker created,” said District Attorney Tim Ward. “Our office and local media have reported on the crimes, but it’s our community that holds the complete history.”

The Office of the District Attorney intends to collect these accounts for publication later this summer near the first anniversary of the Ransacker’s sentencing.
To tell your story, visit https://tulareda.org/ransacker/.

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  1. I must first say that all the information that I will give you must be confidential. I am probably the only persons in Tulare county that can give you insight to non-ransacker burglaries that were committed in Exeter and Visalia during the time that the ransacter was active. Mr Ward. You probably don’t remember my name but you should remember me as the Visalia rooftop burglar . I don’t say this as bragging because looking back on it now I considered it as a dark time in my past. In 1970 I lived in Exeter. And this is when I started my criminal history. Actually the ransacker caught me burglarizing a warehouse in Exeter . He did not arrest me,, to my amazement he just let me go, he did interrogate me, asking me if I was committing burglaries in Exeter. I told him no this was the first time. Being only 12 years old at the time I had the impression that he wanted to be my friend. I might have information that might be important . I don’t know if I do until someone asks me.

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