Three-year bachelor’s degree at Fresno Pacific can jumpstart graduates’ careers

Students who want a quicker start to their careers now have a three-year option at Fresno Pacific University.

Bachelor’s degrees in several areas of business, along with English, biology, mathematics and chemistry are now available in three years in addition to the traditional four-year program, thanks to graduation pathways that include all classes within three academic years, with summer sessions. “These are not new degrees,” said Krista Brooks, director of undergraduate admission at FPU. “They cover all the same material in all the same classes as four-year programs, just with a set schedule that helps students accomplish their degree in less time.”

Not only will students on the three-year option save one year of tuition, they will jump into their careers one year early and start earning income. Federal and state financial aid programs, such as Cal Grants and Pell Grants, may be applied, as well as other institutional aid such as academic scholarships. In all, 98% of FPU students receive financial aid, and about two-thirds come from families earning less than $40,000 a year. All new first-time fulltime freshmen receive a scholarship.

FPU is widely known for the support and personal attention given to students, about half of whom are the first in their families to graduate from a four-year college or university. All students share resources such as small class sizes, professors with connections in their field who get to know students inside and outside the classroom and the Career Development and Experiential Learning Center. In addition, everyone on the three-year option has a dedicated advisor to help plan schedules and discuss course options.

“Finishing your bachelor’s degree in three years will jumpstart you into a highly sought-after career,” Brooks said. “In addition, with our 3+1 STEM Teaching program, students wishing to teach can start their credential program one year earlier than normal, saving time and money.”

Programs available (list may be updated periodically)

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  1. Hi, I’m 22 years old and will be turning 23 later this year. I graduated college in 3 years and though it was the far better option – 1. I saved money on my student loan interest and not having to pay an additional year of school fees. 2. I could get an early jumpstart in my career ahead of my peers 3. As a busy undergraduate, I’d definitely prefer to start my life and career and would’ve loved to finally leave the undergraduate environment


    Turns out when I graduated, there wasn’t that many employment prospects for me as I had not had any relevant experience or internships in my field…and… I didn’t have any “deep” relationships that I could use to find a job in any network I built. I had spent so much time focusing on school that I didn’t afford myself networking opportunities, internship experience, or even enjoy my undergraduate. I’m going on two years out of my program now, assessing my next plan of action. But, just beware that there is more to employment prospects than just a degree – it’s also your network and experience, sadly.

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