Visalia Continues Close Cooperation with State on SR 198

A press release from the City of Visalia
Visalia officials have been working closely with state agencies on cleanup projects along State Route (SR) 198, and coordination continues.

“We understand that there are citizen concerns regarding Highway 198 in terms of trash and debris and the presence of those camping on the embankment,” shared Mayor Steve Nelsen. “We share concerns about blight and keeping the sides of the roadway clear, and we continue to work with both Caltrans Central Valley District 6 and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to address the issues and keep both motorists and citizens safe.”

A well-traveled thoroughfare by residents and visitors alike, SR 198 is not under the jurisdiction of the City of Visalia, but the State of California. However, City of Visalia officials have requested attention from the State agencies to address concerns, while offering the assistance of the City.

“Caltrans and the CHP are now working on specific project areas west of central Visalia with our support and assistance,” adds City Manager Randy Groom. “The City has a number of programs that address various aspects of homelessness and we can add our resources to the State’s effort.”

Recently, Caltrans clean-up has focused on removing litter and debris from the sides of the roadway and the CHP and Visalia PD’s Homeless Outreach and Proactive Enforcement (HOPE) Team have been working alongside crews to address illegal encampments.

For those who wish to contact Caltrans directly with concerns or to submit a Customer Service Request, they can do so by visiting the State agency online at

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