COVID-19 Vaccine Available at Mass Vaccination Clinic at Agri-Center in Tulare

A press release from the Tulare County Health and Human Services

Tulare County residents and workers who are currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and have been unable to secure an appointment elsewhere can now get vaccinated at the County’s mass vaccination clinic located at the International Agri-Center in Tulare. Simply visit My Turn at: to sign up, or call 1-833-422-4255 if in need of assistance over the phone.

As more vaccine supply has been allocated to the county, Tulare County Public Health is offering a massive drive-thru vaccination clinic for March 23 and March 24, at the International Agri-Center location in Tulare. Anyone who works or is employed in health care, emergency services, education & childcare, food & agriculture, and all residents age 65 and older who have not been able to secure a vaccination appointment elsewhere can make an appointment to get vaccinated at this clinic next week.

Tulare County Public Health has updated its COVID Vaccine Plan and is now offering vaccinations to those eligible with underlying and high-risk health conditions. People 16-64 years of age who have an underlying heath condition or disability which increases their risk of severe COVID-19 can now make an appointment to get vaccinated.

“With this increase in allocation, we urge all our eligible residents and workforce to not delay and get vaccinated as soon as possible,” shared Dr. Karen Haught, Tulare County Public Health Officer. “This vaccine is our best line of defense against the COVID-19 virus, as we look to build immunity in our community, allowing us to safely lift restrictions on businesses, open schools, and ultimately bring this horrible pandemic to an end.”

Will I need to verify I have a high-risk medical condition or disability when I go to my appointment? To protect confidentiality, verification documentation of the diagnosis or type of disability is not required, but instead anyone meeting the eligibility requirements will be asked to sign a self-attestation that they meet the criteria for high-risk medical conditions or disabilities.

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