Tulare Cemetery District taking competitive bids on two burial plots at Kern Cemetery

The Tulare Public Cemetery has placed two side by side burial plots at the Kern Cemetery up for competitive bid allowing an opportunity for the public to purchase the burial rights for these plots using the website GovDeals.com.

This is an opportunity to plan for future burial in the Tulare Kern Cemetery.  This opportunity is the result of the Tulare Cemetery District recently purchasing two adjacent burial rights from the previous owner.  The two plots being individually bid upon are located in Section D, plots 1579 and 1580, are both double depth graves with a flat headstone marker allowed.

The starting bid for the burial right of each plot is $3249.00.  Detailed pictures and map can be viewed at GovDeals.com using the search ‘Tulare Cemetery’.

The competitive bid for these two burial plots ends on March 26, 2021 at 7:15pm for plot 1579 and ends on March 26, 2021 at 7:00pm for plot 1580. There are upright stakes placed on these burial plots in the southwest portion of the Kern Cemetery at 900 E. Kern in Tulare.

The cost of the burial right is for the plot only and does not include the actual burial expense.  For each burial right you can assign up to six people in the plot, for example: two caskets and four cremations, only the owner of the burial right can assign people to this plot.

For questions or more information contact the cemetery manager, Leonor Castañeda, at (559) 686-5544.

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