“A New Year’s Resolution for Life”

2020 has truthfully tested the very fabrics of our society. We saw the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw the U.S. economy plummet. We saw thousands of Americans take to the streets in peaceful protests over systemic injustice. Lastly, we experienced a U.S. election that has divided this nation. This year, many have lost jobs, loved ones, homes and much more. 

Reflecting on this year, so much has happened that was out of our control. Yet, there is a lesson to learn from this. As our community has embraced strict Covid-19 restrictions, and the reality of the wildfires burning out our doorsteps…we saw how individuals chose to come together for each other. Showing how much good remains because we as individuals hold the power to choose how we respond to these tragedies. 

As the New Year approaches, many see it as a renewal with the creation of their New Year’s resolutions. As you prepare your resolutions, I implore you to focus on how you as an individual will take control over your response to what is yet to come. Focus on how you will treat others, and how in the face of hardships you will do what is best for the greater community. Our ability to decide how to respond, has been and always will be in our control. There’s much uncertainty that lays ahead, however when we focus on what’s in our control, we regain power that’s lost in these larger tragedies. 

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