Jehovah’s Witnesses initiate global campaign

Throughout November 2020, Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide will distribute the issue of the Watchtower magazine entitled “What Is God’s Kingdom?” The answer to that question has captivated the attention of people from many different faiths for centuries.
In Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, and surrounding valley cities, over 10,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses will be making phone calls and writing letters to residents, businesses, and government officials as part of this worldwide campaign. Witnesses from the valley’s English, Spanish, as well as Portuguese, Punjabi, Mandarin, Hmong, and American Sign Language congregations will be making a special effort to reach those in their language groups.  Efforts will also be made to reach inmates in local prisons with the Kingdom message.
The campaign will proceed using methods in accordance with local health protocols. This may include distributing the magazine and making visits via electronic means.
Many people pray for God’s Kingdom to come. But they often wonder what that Kingdom is, when it will come, and what it will do. This magazine explains how the answers to these questions can readily be found in the Bible. We are confident that the Bible’s promises about God’s Kingdom will bring readers comfort and hope for a world free of pain and suffering.
An electronic copy in over 300 languages is available on the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, (Look under LIBRARY > MAGAZINES.)
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15 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses initiate global campaign

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  1. In view of the strife in most countries today; in view of the chaos and corruption in most human governments, especially the US, it is indeed TIMELY to hear of the government promised by God HIMSELF that will finally do what mortal, corrupt politicians keep promoting… this magazine is an eye opener! Especially to learn how close it is to taking OVER earth’s affairs! Because we all know how damaged our “HOME” really is…!

  2. The Jehovah’s Witness religion tears families apart and has hidden child abusers for over one hundred years. A high control group that does not allow it’s flock to question church dogma or speak to a former members whom they shun. Do research yourself there are hundreds of channels and social media accounts that testify to these facts.

    • Sir while it is true that in every organization, be it religious, or otherwise, there have been cases of child abuse because that seems to be the corrupt nature of humans, the Jehovah’s witnesses have done what no other religious organization has done. They have removed the perpetrator(s) as well as ANY that cover up abuse. It is an organization that—for over 100 years as the modern day organization of God—has sincerely attempted to put God’s name, Jehovah back into the hearts of people and pointed them to his Kingdom, with his son Jesus Christ as the appointed King, that we’ve ALL prayed for, as our only hope to save the planet and righteous hearted people. I’m truly sorry you couldn’t see that…

      • Cindy, in the past when Jehovahs Witness children have been molested and there wasn’t 2 or more witnesses then the pedophile was not removed. I know this from personal experience. I know they recently changed this but it has been that way for decades. Currently today in 2021 still Elders do not contact the police when not required by law. Not all states require it. How is that protecting children? Show me any news article about a second person covering up a known pedophile being banned from a Kingdomhall. I’ve never heard of it.

        • I work for a County Attorney’s Office as the database administrator so I know a few things about prosecuting child abuse, which is what you’re really talking about here. Most years, 55% of child abuse ARRESTS are refused by prosecutors. Why? Because there is only 1 witness. It’s not that our prosecutors don’t believe a crime has been committed. It’s that it can’t be proven in court. Jehovah’s Witness elders are not trained legal professionals. They simply follow the instructions they are given for handling problems in the congregations and the instructions for child abuse (and most any other issue) is that there needs to be two witnesses. I know this makes people mad, but if you really want to blow your stack, check with your local district attorney and ask them how many child abuse cases they refuse to prosecute.

    • People who confide in their “clergy” have an expectation of privacy, except for the following case:
      1) They confessed to child abuse
      2) They are in a state that demands the “clergy” report what they know.

      Thirty years ago, a minority of states required reporting. I think today it’s the majority of states, if not all. But the consequence of this “law” is that if someone has an expectation of privacy when talking to clergy or lawyer or therapist and they live in a state that does NOT require reporting, the abuser could take civil action against the person who reports. Jehovah’s Witnesses will always report child abuse where they are protected from litigation in a non-reporting state. However in that case, there is nothing stopping the victim or victim’s family from reporting and the elders would have no objection to that. They might even recommend it.

  3. Jehovahs Witnesses preach of Gods Kingdom a lot… but the reality of the organization shows a very sexist and child abusive setting. I know of at least 12 pedophiles in the 25 years I spent in various congregations. That’s way too many. Believe me, the elders cater to the abuser otherwise the Kingdom Halls would be full of victims looking for relief. Instead the predators find their solace within your religion and the victims withdraw from it because of discouragement and elder repercussions. This is not Gods Kingdom.

  4. Each person has the right to think freely and decide what to believe. But prejudices and lies will always be present and unfortunately most people will drink them like pure water.

    To find the truth you have to open your eyes wide and investigate things well. Jesus said that the truth is proved righteous by his works. But although Jesus is the son of God and is the best teacher who has ever walked the earth, they did not believe him and he was also a victim of lies and prejudice, finally they killed him. He predicted that his followers would suffer just like him. If Jehovah’s Witnesses are hated and defamed as Jesus Christ was, that gives them a point in his favor.

    So do not just repeat what others say about them, ask them directly about their Faith and they will be in a better position to discover the truth.

    One point I learned from them is that Satan means Opposition and Devil slanderous or liar. So you will understand why everything that the Bible teaches, the devil contradicts him and confuses people so that he does not understand the Bible.
    1-Hell according to the Bible is only the grave.
    2-When we die we only cease to exist, death is the opposite of life. The soul dies.
    3-Jesus will resurrect good and bad under the Kingdom of God and teach them to serve and obey God without obstacles such as sickness and death.
    4-The Kingdom of God is a royal Government with Jesus Christ as King. The capital will be Heaven, but he will also rule on earth. JW.ORG

    • I was a 3rd generation Jehovahs Witness. You state that “each person has the right to think freely and decide what to believe.” That is a flat out lie. I thought you pride yourself on being truthful. I know many who have been disfellowshipped from thinking freely and have had different beliefs from what is being taught. You label them apostates and Judas just like your comment above.

      If your free to do your own research, have you ever read the book “Crisis of Conscience?” I didn’t think so.

      Try being honest for once and stop lying for your religion.

  5. I just want to say that within the Jehovah’s Witnesses people have entered who before were, thieves, rapists, homosexuals, murderers, extruders, fornicators, but when they knew the truth about Jehovah God, they changed. However, if they return to lead the same lifestyle contrary to God’s standards, their membership as Jehovah’s Witnesses is withdrawn for the protection of the congregation. That is why there are some who were Jehovah’s Witnesses but because of their bad behavior they were rejected as Jehovah’s Witnesses and now some of them resentful say false things. Anyone who leaves their bad practices contrary to God’s standards can be reinstated as a Jehovah’s Witness. Remember that even within the 12 apostles there was a traitor like Judas Iscariot.

  6. I live in the Valley. I was raped by a Jehovahs Witness along with 11 other boys in my hall. Saying other religions have pedophiles is called deflection. My dad put that man in jail. The Elders knew about him molesting kids years before he got to me and never called the police or warned others in the congregation. My own mother knew and kept it a secret because she didn’t want to “drag Jehovahs name in the mud.”

    It makes me sick that sexual abuse victims are attacked and put down by current Jehovahs Witnesses.

    The Elders own manual, “Shepherding the Flock” states that pedophiles are allowed to hold positions in the Kingdomhall after a period of time has passed.

    The policies in place from the Governing Body do not protect children from abuse. The 2 witness rule which had been in place for decades in cases of child sex abuse has allowed thousands of children to be raped without consequence.

    Where is the apology for victims? There will never be one. They refused to help the thousand sex abuse victims in Australia with the redress scheme until their charitable status was threatened to be removed. It’s sickening.

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