COS STEAM students win third place in challenge

A team of COS STEM students has placed in third place in the National 2020 Student Research League Challenge Problem sponsored by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC). The team members were Zachary Holder, Sarah Redden, and Nayara Soria, led by faculty member Vineta Harper.

Background on the competition requirements for this year, “Forgive and Forget or Forever in Debt” : the teams researched the current state of student loan debt, along with the ideas that have been proposed by presidential candidates and other individuals for solving the current crisis. The participants used mathematical modelling to evaluate the effectiveness of these proposals. Each team had to write a paper describing their analysis, recommending a plan for reducing student debt, and defending their recommendation.

The team will be recognized by AMATYC at their 2021 conference and will be awarded scholarships. Let’s give them a huge COS shout out for being national winners.

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