The Universe of Lost Socks

Where is the country now, more than two weeks after President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive victory?

That place where the lost sock has decamped to, leaving its mate forlorn and forever unselected in the drawer. I could say the country resembles the abandoned sock, ever unworn, except for two things. First, unlike the locus of the country, we know exactly where that sock is, and–entirely too like the country–that sock is indeed worn. As in worn out.

So–which of the two major parties is the lost sock? Verily, the Republican. It is this party which has engineered “fraudulence” and is now jousting with half of the electorate–the victorious half. Much like we have no idea as to the whereabouts of the lost sock, clear-minded Americans have no clue as to the cult/conspiracy mindset of those who decry a “stolen election.” This is unholy and wholly unprecedented, unproven, graceless, and, frankly, undignified.

It is deeply, truly, un-American. Biden won, and there is no nonsense about it.

Stop the steal? How about stop the stop?

If you need 270 electoral votes to win, and you have garnered 306–as Biden has–the elections is yours. Four years ago Trump tallied 306 and he branded it a landslide. And if your popular vote margin is bumping six million, except for the idiotic and outdated electoral college, chances are the election is yours as well.

If anything, the Republicans stole the election from themselves by backhandedly encouraging mail-in ballots, counted last, and overwhelmingly cast Democratic.

These lost socks are not doing the country any favors at large. Whatever they are forging in their benighted minds can wait. The results are in, are clear, and there is the important work of a transition to be accomplished.

What is more disappointing even than the 70-plus million who still voted Trump after witnessing four years of his malfeasance is that Congressional Republicans condone this delay, calling for only “legal” ballots to be counted. Well, old socks–that is all they have been counting. “Legal” is a dog whistle for any vote counted after midnight on 3 November.

The fulcrum of my disappointment is that these people know better. They know in much greater detail than the average citizen the technical intricacies of transition, and they know full well that each day Biden is denied access and information is a day that births increased security concerns.

In this silent endorsement, this enabling, these lost socks are playing chicken with the safety of the country.

So, where is the country now? Temporarily, I hope, at least until this rift is mended, adrift without gravitas in the universe of lost socks.

One thought on “The Universe of Lost Socks

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  1. Interesting that 4 years ago the other “sock” was complaining about russian collusion and a stolen election. But this year we have the safest election ever! My how things have changed in 4 short years! Lets not forget that the “sock” does not get put on until January 20th. Until then we are still wearing our “worn sock,” and its not lost.

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