County offers website with information on school re-opening

This fall, an increasing number of elementary schools in Tulare County have reopened to small cohorts of students on campus under terms set by the governor and the California Department of Public Health. Over 70 schools have received waivers, with nearly 40 others having applied to resume in-person instruction under the same conditions. To assist schools with the process of applying for waivers and to report to the public those schools that are open or have applied to reopen, the Tulare County Public Health Department has created an online resource.

Through the waiver and reopening process, the Tulare County Public Health Department works closely with schools to ensure they have the protections and protocols in place to safely allow students and staff back on campus. Working in consultation with California Department of Public Health, Tulare County Public Health officials provide the final approval for each waiver. “I have appreciated the vision and leadership Tulare County Public Health has shown in helping school districts apply for waivers and navigate the complicated process of meeting state regulations,” said Tim Hire, Tulare County Superintendent of Schools. “The large number of schools on the list that have successfully completed the process in the past two months is an indication to their commitment to accommodate our schools in this difficult time.”

To view information on the waiver process and the list of Tulare County schools allowing small numbers of students on campus, visit

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