A letter to the Editor from Steve Pendleton

Recently Mooney Blvd was afflicted by another visitation by Trump motorists. The most annoying we now call mothertrucks. They’re huge, have never seen the inside of a farm field, and are festooned with all kinds of flags. I haven’t seen any swastikas, but American flags are much in evidence especially draped over exhaust pipes.

I think psychologists would have a field day with these drivers. They must be elderly, white and have lousy eyesight-you have only to look at the number of people they have hit. (I am not making this up, it nearly happened to me). This behavior could be pardoned as infantile if it weren’t so dangerous. But it really only mirrors the behavior of their hero.

And we must not forget the purpose of these displays-intimidation. You can display your so called patriotism by waving the flag in front of your house. But who knows what you have hidden in the back seats of your truck?

We must not forget that most of the fatalities that have come from recent city unrest have come from the lunatic white nationalist element. By their actions the mothertruckers place themselves squarely in this group. I’ve got news for you. Come voting day real Americans are going to vote the racists out of power. You can go back to your cross burnings, but stay the hell off our streets.

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    • I am not sure exactly which Trump motorist’s this article is refering to because here in the city of Tulare there was a Trump gathering at the Tulare Ag Center a few weeks back that took to the freeway. It was put together by the Tulare County Republican Woman’s group. Not exactly sure about the exact name but it is something to that effect. Many of them were not old, white people. Well the majority were white but not elderly. Yes, all that was missing was the burning cross. If you want to call someone a jerk I think that crown goes to Trump. Along with being a racist, sexist, homophobic, chauvinistic, babbling idiot. I also would not go there about dementia and not being smart when all Trump does is constantly tweet lies and throw out his, “alternative facts.” It’s also pretty ironic that you refer to Biden as a young girl touching man when, yours truly has a pending rape/sexual assault case as well as other numerous sexual allegations against him. He’s got the crook part covered too with the IRS deal, his University sham, ripping off investors in Atlanta, and the US government while billing them by funding all his events and shin digs at his Florida Golf Course. Damn you just about described Trump himself with that post! Take your hate and anger somewhere else today. This is for grown up civilized debate, you are sounding too much like the man you so vehemently defend. Gees! Where in the heck do you people get all the hate you give!

  2. Steve got triggered!
    Intimidation?…..really, such distain for our Nations flag….and don’t never mind what’s hidden in the back seat of our truck…..that is so lame to say!
    What fatalities have happened from protesters? So you can’t be white and fly your flag on the back of your truck?
    Does Steve know the first one who uses that r word becomes the r word?
    As I said….Steve got triggered!

  3. We remember that all KKK members were from the same party that Steve embraces. His party and the KKK are the real racist.

    • Hey, neat history lesson, but don’t stop at 100 years ago. Lyndon Johnson drove all the racists into the Republican Party when he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He said, “I think we just delivered the South to the Republican party for a long time to come.”
      So now The Orange Spitstain is the leader of every KKK loser, Proud Momma’s Boy, and incel ammosexual in the land.
      So now God sent Covid19 to defeat Trump20. His cult of morons doesn’t wear masks and the idiot red states like ND, SD, and Montana are in the process of dying off.
      Transmission Accomplished!

  4. “MOTHERTRUCKERS” how outrageously funny. That name is so fitting. I am sure that they will wear it with pride. They are too dense not to! lol

  5. Erica, Billy, Shanghai, and Grandma….thank you so much for your enlightened posts. Good reading on this first day of November! 🙂

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