I support Drew Phelps

The water issue is on everyone’s mind these days and we are at a critical crossroads in our area. As a farmer and Mid-Kaweah GSA water board member, I know firsthand the challenges and the need for strong leadership. We need an exceptional assemblymember with a solid grasp of the complexities of SGMA, storage and conveyance.

After sit-down discussions with Drew Phelps, I am convinced he is the man to lead our area into the future. He will be our district’s advocate. While it does seem as if our issues fall on deaf ears among those in Sacramento, Drew will make sure our voices are heard and conveyed. Drew is also an excellent listener and processes information and facts and figures very quickly. This will lead to favorable results for farmers and for all of us who depend on water every single day.

On November 3rd, please join me in support of Drew Phelps for California Assembly, District 26.


Dave Martin, Mid-Kaweah GSA Board Member, Tulare

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