Vote for Drew Phelps, Assembly District 26

I am a lifelong Republican but come November 3rd, I am casting my vote for Drew Phelps for State Assembly. I don’t recall ever voting for a Democrat before, but this time it is an easy choice to make. Drew Phelps is bright and articulate, and he understands how to get legislation passed, legislation that will serve in the best interest of our District. Devon Mathis has been a do-nothing assemblyman starting from his first day in office. Efforts to get him involved in saving our hospital were denied. One can safely assume that his refusal to assist the Citizens for Hospital Accountability was related to his acceptance of a large sum of money from HCCA. During this same period of time, Drew Phelps worked diligently as an integral part of the Citizens for Hospital Accountability to rid our hospital of its corrupt management.

 Devon Mathis often mentions that he is a veteran. As someone who served in the United States Army, I have a tremendous amount of respect for my fellow veterans. However, being a veteran does not give us a right to be ineffective at the taxpayers’ expense. After six years with no significant accomplishments for our district, Mathis needs to go. Vote for Drew Phelps, Assembly District 26.

 Bill Postlewaite, Retired Tulare City School District Superintendent

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  1. mostly the problem with Devin Mathis not addressing your hospital issue might have to do with the number of other battles he has to fight for you. I don’t understand how you can be so ignorant and think Devon Mathis is do nothing. He is fighting the democrats and their pet projects that wreck havoc on our local economy. The democrats have such a majority all any conservatives can do is ease the pain on the local economy. Maybe if you were so concerned about issues you would use your time to help create a more balanced state government where more interests can be addressed. Enjoy your moment of ignorance and hope it doesn’t come back and bite the rest of us in the ass.
    PS Devins campaign gave the HCCA money back.

    • Maybe if he worked with the democrats instead of fighting them, as you tout, he might accomplish something for our district. I’ve yet to see anything tangible. As for giving the money back–please, spare us that nonsense. If he relinquished the money, and I haven’t seen a canceled check, it was not returned to HCCA. If he did indeed relinquish the money it was only because the pong of having taken it in the first place became toxic after the many indictments were leveled.

    • As opposed to his pet projects like having folks with disabilities by disbanding the Unruh Act, and reapportioning/gerrymandering Senate districts?

      How do those benefit the district?

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