Join me in voting for Drew Phelps

Understanding budgets and crunching the numbers are important. If we are not getting our fair share of the State’s budget, we are going to drop farther and farther behind the rest of California. As a businessperson, Drew Phelps understands how to allocate our taxpayer dollars, so they are utilized wisely and come back to our area. He will fight to make sure we get our rightful piece of the State budget pie. We desperately need more effective, pro-business and economic-savvy leadership.

 Drew Phelps will also make sure community colleges in our area get the support they deserve, realizing that community colleges are the driving force for vibrant future economic development. We need an educated workforce prepared to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

 Drew Phelps will provide that sorely lacking leadership. Join me in voting for Drew Phelps, California State Assembly District 26.

 Ken Nunes, CPA, Tulare

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