Comes a Down Ballot Rider

If you are anything like me, and would like to rudely unhorse our current commander in chief, there is no better way, metaphorically, than the tip of a lucky joust strike right through the eyehole of our president’s helmet–like Henry II suffered. Had he survived, Henry’s entourage were prepared to call him “Blinky.” Or “Left-turn Henry.” Clearly, in keeping with our current “king” culture, Henry II must also have enjoyed adoring, idiotic enablers. Sycophants. But did old Hank truly deserve what he suffered–and will Trump, when it finally befalls him? As to the latter, a resounding yes. But let’s first just stipulate that Trump contains no brave bone within himself–he would no more joust an opponent than speak truth five times to the draft board. He’s a bully and a coward, both.

The current slate of soulless Republican senate enablers certainly, en masse, deserves an unhorsing. Actually, they deserve worse. Having looked the other way this whole time, they merit a voting into–entirely–oblivion.

Trump did not deserve any of this coronavirus illness–no one does–so when I wrote that I wished him a rough go of it, it was only for a brief time and in the hope that he could absorb a learning moment. What wishful thinking that turned out to be. Naturally enough, my worst fears materialized when, infectious and back at the White House, he immediately tore away his mask and stalked inside, apparently in an effort to kill off so many witnesses–also, possibly, accomplices–as he could before his unelection. I call that depraved indifference.

The best way to unhorse this obese pretender is not with a joust, of course. It may not even be with a presidential election. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by 3 million votes, but the electoral college still granted him victory. Not even a robust, landslide popular vote win is any guarantee of the peoples’ will being done.

The best way to defeat Donald Trump? Nobody knows. Because you do know this: he will cheat–he will hang a chad. He’ll hang the Supreme Court. A Norm. Maybe a distant family member or former friend. Anything, in his own best interests.

He will claim the election was rigged in some form, just as he did four years ago–an election he subsequently “won.”

The best way to stuff such nonsense back down Trump’s throat–a joust in his eye, as it were–is for many down ballot Republicans to lose. Then, irrespective of the actual count, it can be demonstrated that Republicans in general have been eclipsed. Maybe even properly repudiated.

We have to recapture our country from the type of Republicans who enabled Trump to fester in his presidency. And that’s not a partisan sentiment. The Republican party itself will be bigly improved by Trump’s removal–much in the way it was after Nixon resigned. Are you getting the trend?

A further improvement will be to welcome back Republicans of integrity–if any yet so remain.

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