Join me in voting for and electing Drew Phelps

As a retired school superintendent, I have come to realize that certain people are well-suited for certain positions. For State Assembly District 26, that person is Drew Phelps.

 I have known Drew his entire life and he is intelligent, thoughtful, mature, caring and competent in all his endeavors. He will bring energy and enthusiasm to our state legislature. At a critical time for so many issues in our area including water, homelessness and healthcare, Drew is innovative and is dynamic in working toward solutions. He has the experience in Sacramento working for former State Senate Andy Vidak to get legislation passed and Drew will be our advocate in advancing legislation to meet our local needs.

 As a Vietnam veteran, I am confident that Drew will support continued and improved services for men and women who have served our country with valor and distinction.

 Please join me in voting for and electing Drew Phelps for State Assembly, District 26.

 John Beck, veteran and retired Tulare City Schools Superintendent

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  1. Good letter of support for Drew Phelps for State Assembly, District 26. I agree. Also thank you for your military service and for serving this community for many decades. Both are greatly appreciated.

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