I urge you to vote for Drew Phelps

Seventy years ago, my husband and I supported a young dentist who was running for mayor of Tulare. He was only 29, and had some ideas that were unpopular at the time, like cleaning up Tulare and closing down some of its illegal establishments. Tom Drilling served with distinction and courage in that role, as he had in World War II.

A few years ago, Tulare faced another crisis when its hospital closed down, and the grandson of that dentist put his considerable energy and talents into the efforts to reopen the hospital as an institution that was operated for the benefit of the community. His work was vital to the success of that campaign, and Tulare once again has a community hospital.

That’s an example of why I am supporting Drew Phelps as a candidate for state assembly. I have seen his ability to communicate, build consensus and accomplish difficult objectives. He has worked for and with both Republicans and Democrats. This is the kind of leadership we need in Sacramento … leadership Tulare has not seen from its current assembly member. I urge you to vote for Drew Phelps for the 26th District Assembly seat so we can have leadership and vision tailored to our needs.

Pat Hillman, Tulare

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  1. Drew Phelps is an excellent choice to represent this area. He will place the well-being of the citizens of our area above partisan and work for all of us.

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