I fully endorse Drew Phelps

As a person with Tulare roots, a Dinuba business owner and a resident of Visalia, I have always taken a keen interest in elections which will result in improvements for our region within the state of California. This election is vital for our District 26 communities. We need strong business-oriented leadership and someone who will understand the economic challenges we face. I have spent considerable time with Drew Phelps and he has made a very positive impression upon me. He knows and understands that workforce development is key for staying competitive and viable entering the third decade of the 21st century.

Drew has worked in the private sector in land use and zoning. He understands what successful public-private partnerships look like. It is crucial that our local industries stay relevant, productive and efficient, and not get left behind. I can foresee working with Drew Phelps to make this a reality. I fully endorse Drew Phelps for District 26, State Assembly.


Fred Ruiz, Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Ruiz Foods Products, Inc., Dinuba

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