“Pass the Goddamned Mustard.”

So The Donald has contracted the Covid. Finally. His flagrant disregard of it, his mockery of the entire situation of it–after going mocking , going after Joe Biden, and after sitting on his hands for seven months–after seven of months knowing how bad this disease is. He spoke of it so much so as early as February of this year to Bob Woodward.

Do I wish Donald Trump a full and speedy recovery? Hell, no. I wish him a recovery. A slow one. I hope he suffers horribly, recovers, and emerges on the other side better equipped to lead our country. With–I entirely doubt–any empathy whatsoever. I hope this whimpy idiot gets the Christ kicked out of him, recovers, really, repents, and actually, now, finally, puts his pen to the paper properly.








14 thoughts on ““Pass the Goddamned Mustard.”

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  1. Such disregard – using the Lord’s name in vain is unconscionable. What you say privately is up to you, but this should never have been put in print.

    • Truth is supposed to be a Godly thing. Truth should never be hid. Truth should never be disregarded. Actions speak louder than words too. People who talk the talk but do not walk the walk is far more displeasing to the Lord than cursing his name. It’s not what they say as much as what they do. Or so I’ve been told. Get a grip Ms. Gilson. The entire world is one big glass house…..no matter where your location is.

      • I was referring to the profanity – not the content of the “ opinion” – you’re as bad as Avila bringing up unrelated matters such as “glass house” and telling me to get a grip.

  2. Yes!
    And he continues to put people at risk for his egotistical photo ops. He has no empathy or concern for others, yet he wants us to give him sympathy. I feel sorry for the people around him and pray for all his staff, custodians , chefs, waiters, maids, nurses & doctors that have to deal with this selfish sociopath.

  3. Well, it’s clear from these comments what local “Christians” think is important in an editorial piece.

  4. Your the one that needs the covid experience. To say u want any person to have a slow recovery is inhuman.
    There r something’s u don’t even wish on your worst enemies as a civil society. But then again this paper has proven it is not civil and does not provide a service for society.
    Dirty bag, drama queens.

    • Trump did exactly what I feared he would–he returned to the White House, tore off his mask and walked in. I was stupidly hoping at least his attitude would change. I was not hoping for any kind of comeuppance; I was hoping, rather, for a learning opportunity for him.

      • Mya Angelou said that when someone shows you who they are believe them. Trump showed just who he is long before he set foot in the White House. I know you were hoping for something better from him. Those who follow his lead in the spreading COVID 19 are showing who they are as well. You can’t teach to those who have no desire to listen and learn.

        • So we can assume the Angelouism you reference can apply to those who represent non Trump and Nunes supporters that burn down hay stocks on the corner of Road 80 and Avenue 384 because the haystack is pro Trump and Nunes? “When someone shows you who they are – believe them.” I was hoping non Trump and Nunes supporters were classier people than that. I guess my expectations were set too high. You are what you are. You can’t teach to those who have no desire to listen and learn.

          • Sorry to burst your bubble FFC but this is one “non Trump and Nunes supporter” who deplores these acts of vandalism. In fact I don’t know of one “non Trump and Nunes supporter” who would even think that it is okay to vandalize campaign signs or anything else for that matter let alone burning and destroying haystacks.. Besides being
            expensive and food for farm animals I have a soft spot in my heart for haystacks in general, I remember my dad loading them on his truck for hauling. Mya may have made that saying famous but my dad taught me that very fact while I was a mere child (which trust me was a very long long long time ago).

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