Ruiz 4 Kids Mini-Grants for Teachers program now accepting applications

Ruiz 4 Kids is now accepting applications for its Ruiz 4Kids Mini-Grants for Teachers (MG4T) Program for the 2020 –2021 school year. The grants are available to educators teaching in a public K-12 school. The school must be located within a 35-mile radius of Dinuba, CA. The application is available online at and the deadline to submit is Friday, September 18, 2020.

Grants will be awarded up to $1,000.“Our team members really enjoy this program and look forward to it every year,” said Ashly Alberti, Ruiz 4 Kids MG4T Program Chair. “To participate, a team member authorizes deductions directly from their payroll check knowing that all the monies go directly to the educators in their community. Ruiz team members enjoy seeing the kids participate in unique programs created by the teachers … knowing the kids are benefitting from out-of-the-ordinary opportunities that are both fun and challenging.”

In 2019, Ruiz 4 Kids awarded $90,000 to teachers in CA, TX and SC. Over $48,000 was awarded to teachers in CA. Since the first 2013 Ruiz 4 Kids program, Ruiz 4 Kids has distributed nearly $1Min CA, TX and SC.

“At this point in time no one is exactly sure if all schools will beholding classes on-site or if some will remain on-line.” said Tyler Beck, Ruiz 4 Kids President. “Educators need to know our MG4T Program is supporting both on-site and on-line instruction and we encourage them to apply.”

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