A Press Release from the Drew Phelps for Assembly District 26 Campaign

Assembly candidate releases statement on his opponent’s refusal to support demand for timely delivery of mail ballots

Tulare, CA — The California State Assembly overwhelmingly passed HR105 on August 27th, a resolution  calling on the US Senate and US Postmaster to address concerns regarding the efficient and timely delivery of mail ballots for the November 3rd election. Devon Mathis was one of only three votes in opposition to the resolution, which has some people concerned since 90% of his district will only be serviced by 22 in-person polling locations.

His opponent Drew Phelps released the following state regarding the vote on HR105:

“Since the COVID-19 Pandemic places limits on the ability of citizens to safely gather at in-person locations, I believe that secure and timely mail delivery is one of the most important steps in guaranteeing confidence in the November 3rd election. It is disappointing, but not surprising, that my opponent has no interest in defending the USPS or guaranteeing that mail in ballots are processed quickly. I know that Mathis is scared of facing an electorate that knows about his inability to govern and past indiscretions, but I never thought that would translate into a lack of support for such a revered institution as the United States Post Office.”

Drew is a healthcare advocate, land use professional and 4th generation Tularean running to represent the 26th Assembly District. Beginning in 2015, Phelps led and organized residents of the district with Citizens for Hospital Accountability, whose members worked tirelessly to save the Tulare Regional Medical Center, which was dealing with significant financial, legal, and leadership issues. As a result of the 2-year long campaign, Citizens for Hospital Accountability succeeded in defeating a bond measure that would have cost the county millions, recalling a board member who had been seated for over 20 years, and ultimately, replacing all 5 board members to ensure a fresh start for the Tulare Regional Medical Center.

Drew is running against incumbent Assemblymember Devon Mathis who recently had to gift $14,000 in campaign contributions that Mathis had received from Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) after felony and misdemeanor charges were brought against HCCA executives who had run a hospital in the district that Mathis represents. Assm. Mathis is also still a defendant in two civil suits in Sacramento County, regarding alleged wrongful termination in one case and alleged sexual harassment and pay discrimination in the other.

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