VPCD asks public to eliminate standing water

Press Release from Cindy Summers VPCD Manager

The Visalia Public Cemetery District is working with Delta Vector Control District to control the container breeding of the invasive Aedes adgypti mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae was found in 68% of the containers tested by DVCD in July.  No larvae was found in containers that had been filled with sand.  Vases, other containers, deflated balloons and small mementos that hold water tested positive.

The public is asked to fill their cemetery vases with sand or turn them over to help eliminate standing water.  Sand is available for the public’s use at the cemetery. No balloons or mementos that will hold water should be left at grave sites.

DVCD will be spraying larvicide at the cemetery every Wednesday night in August.  The schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions. The larvicide settles into containers and kills mosquito larvae, preventing them from hatching into biting adults.  The chemical to be applied is called VectorBac WDG, it is an Environmental Protection Agency registered and Organic Material Review Institute approved product.  It is very safe and highly specific for mosquito larvae.

Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Delta Vector Control District or the Visalia Public Cemetery District.

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