Tulare Cemetery District Pump is Repaired at the North Cemetery Well

Press Release from TPCD

The Tulare Public Cemetery has successfully replaced the failed irrigation pump at the North Cemetery well today and the water to our landscaping has returned.  Because there has been no water available at the north cemetery for approximately ten days the landscaping has been stressed during these 100 degree plus days.  The sprinklers are on now although the North Cemetery landscaping may take up to two to three weeks to return to its normal condition of being properly cared for.  The Tulare Public Cemetery Board spent over $16,000 to replace the 30hp irrigation motor and pump.

The Tulare Public Cemetery Board appreciates the understanding of the community about the condition of the landscaping that has had inadequate watering, and we are dedicated to our grounds being properly cared for.

For more information contact our Manager Leonor Castañeda at (559) 686-5544.

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