New Hanford Family to Build House with Habitat! Construction has started on Cameron Street.

Women Build volunteers will raise the walls on Habitat’s newest homeowership project in Hanford on July 29th and 30th. Victor and Danielle, the future homeowners, will be on the jobsite swinging hammers alongside community volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build events are designed to invite women to devote at least one day to help families build strength, stability and independence through housing. The event is meant to spotlight the home ownership challenges faced by women and the ability that women have to build and create a wonderful home.

On July 29th and 30th, you can join other women on our 403 W. Cameron project and help Habitat raise walls with another Habitat family.

Starting Saturday, August 1st, we will be working every Saturday and volunteers are needed to help on the jobsite. If you, your team/company or family want to join us, p​​​​​lease contact Anita for more information at 559-734-4040 ext 100 or email [email protected]. Work days can also be arranged for weekdays throughout August if you have a group of 4 or more.

Help Habitat raise funds for this project by hosting a Facebook fundraiser, ask friends and family to join you to with your fundraiser or encourage your office/business to host a fundraiser to help Habitat for Humanity of Tulare/Kings Counties.

Contact us with any questions or ideas and let’s all work together to build homes, communities and hope.

Due to the on-going concern about COVID-19, we will be practicing social distancing, cleaning tools frequently and encouraging all volunteers to bring their own masks, refillable water container and work gloves.


7 thoughts on “New Hanford Family to Build House with Habitat! Construction has started on Cameron Street.

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  1. Valley Voice doesn’t really isn’t in that need of volunteers. My name and number is on volunteer list and I haven’t been called. Hanford needs it’s own Habitat for Humanity. We are always going to be second fiddle to Tulare when they are connected. Just like Homeless Alliance! Why is Tulare and Kings lumped together! Kings County has a huge population and it’s own County. I’m tired of Hanford jumping along with Tulare County groups instead having their own. These non profits don’t make it easy to get answer either. The leader wants to stay in charge and not loss any authority. I can easily double the donations if Hanford had its own chapter

      • Only incoherent to you because you are mentally retarded. Simple minded insecure hater. Learn to write comprehensible sentences before you be a hypocrite. Your opinion doesn’t really isn’t clear, is what you posted 😂😂

    • Perhaps Habitat really feels it does not need your volunteerism. Or perhaps they really lost or misplaced your name and number for reasons that would be totally understandable.

  2. Just a note from Habitat for Humanity. The work we do is so important and valid in both Tulare and Kings Counties. Individuals and groups are more than welcome to join us by supporting financially or volunteering on the job site. This new project is the first since 2008 as there was an effort to make Kings County a separate chapter which ultimately did not work out. Our efforts now include both counties.
    Our database if extensive and it is often impossible to reach everyone who is interested in participating. We encourage anyone to reach out to us if a volunteer opportunity interests you and please contact us if you wish to remain on our contact list and your information has changed.
    Community is so important and only by working together will be be able to build homes, community and hope

    • Everyone knows how valued and appreciated Habitat for Humanity is to the entire Tulare and Kings Counties. My snarky comment was directed toward Mr. Kitchen only as a reflexive action on my part after reading his obnoxious posting. I meant no disrespect toward Habitat for Humanity.

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