Youth vaping epidemic ongoing during pandemic

The youth in our county have been denied classrooms, groups of friends and usual activities for over 4 months due to COVID 19.  Are they bored?  I would say “yes”!

Another epidemic is occurring in our state and bored youth are its perfect target.  The epidemic is teen vaping.  A lot of people, including the youth, think vaping is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.  Maybe some don’t realize that those tasty flavored vaping liquids are loaded with nicotine to addict the user.

The tobacco industry has purposely used enticing flavors to appeal to youth.  Big Tobacco needs addicted young people to replace tobacco quitters and those who die of tobacco-related illnesses.  They’re in this for the profits.

Let’s put pressure on through our local officials and legislators to eliminate flavored vaping and tobacco products and ensure that vape shops and tobacco stores in our county are not selling harmful products to our youth.

A local tobacco retailer licensing program can help with that.

Maureen Bianco
Tulare County Tobacco Coalition member

5 thoughts on “Youth vaping epidemic ongoing during pandemic

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  1. Do you have any current factual statistical information covering youth use of nicotine e-cigarettes.

    Also, please ensure the data does not include THC vaping products as most of the national data does not specifically differentiate.

  2. It’s not an “epidemic.” it’s a conscious decision made by the user. They get to live with the consequences of their decision. It isn’t a problem of the rest of us.

  3. it is epidemic
    The youth is vaping marijuana (cbd oil) and is being spiked illegal synthetic marijuana causing many health and mental problems including death.

    • I would hardly call vaping an “epidemic”. What is an epidemic however, is cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking effects the health and ends the lives of exponentially more people than any form of vaping does. What is ironic is that the comments here, and in many other similar threads online, state that “big tobacco” is flavoring these juices to market to children. The irony lies in the fact that “big tobacco” is the number one supporter in the banning of vaping and vape products. A little research beyond what the 30 seconds ads on tv and radio will prove this point. In all reality, by banning vaping, you turn supporting “big tobacco”.

      Understand, I am not rallying for the underage use of these products, quite the contrary. I am rallying for the adults of this country to be able to enjoy whatever products they would like, flavored or not.

      As for the comment regarding the deaths caused by vaping. These were black market thc vape pens that were sold illegally with no regulations. Not the vape pens that one could purchase at a legal marijuana dispensary, not the legal vape juices (available with and without nicotine) that you can purchase at any legal smoke shop. BLACK MARKET SYNTHETIC THC. I can guarantee if a ban of vaping goes through. You can count on more deaths and health issues attributed to black market vaping.

      I think we should all look at the big picture here, and the big picture is cigarette smoking kills. It’s a fact. It’s a horrible horrible plague on our society. Let’s get together and ban cigarettes and tobacco products. Let’s take down big tobacco. Let’s save hundreds and thousands of lives!! Or wait, what am I thinking, there’s no money in that….

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